Getting the Wheels Turning: Establishing the Foundation and Essentials for a Successful Data-Centered Company

28th September 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 EET

The fact that data and analytics are key elements in optimizing organizations’ performances is nothing new. Every company is focusing on developing their data culture and becoming more data-driven in order to excel in a competitive business environment. Although, amongst all the buzzwords and trends flying around, it is easy to lose sight of the very foundation of your strategy. To become truly data-driven, companies must establish a culture of change, create modern governance processes that communicate across departments, and get everyone on board on the road to a modern data-driven organization.

During this 90-Minutes Analytics Insight, we will discuss how companies can get the data and analytics wheel rolling by creating successful processes and making data second nature for all employees. In the end our speakers will meet in a discussion to reflect on each other’s journeys, give their best tips on how to implement the lessons learned, as well as discuss future trends and best practices in developing your data strategy further.

Hosted by:

analytics insights
Mikko Muurinen
Head of Data & AI, Helen Oy

Henri Saksi
Chief Data Officer, Fiksuruoka

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Laying the Groundwork: Creating Successful Strategies to Boost Your Data Journey
Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data & AI, Helen Oy

Even though data and analytics have been around for years, one of the biggest challenges still facing many companies is transitioning into the new data-driven world. In order to enable this transition, companies need to be working with well-organized systems, processes, and responsibilities that every member of the organization, no matter function or department, trusts and understands.

In this session, our speaker will go through the foundation of creating governance processes. We will establish what a successful strategy really is, as well as how you can create and implement a uniform governance strategy, working across departments.

  • What makes a good data strategy?
  • How do you improve your data governance for better data quality and trust?
  • How do you implement a successful strategy in your organization?
Power to the People: Making the Employees of Your Organization Your Strongest Data-Asset
Henri Saksi, Chief Data Officer, Fiksuruoka

Without people, there would be no action. But more often than not, people are the obstacle that prevents action from happening. Many companies have a clear vision of the actions needed in order to become a data-driven company, but the biggest challenge lays within the culture of the organization. Old business models can be hard to let go of, attitudes can be hard to change and the value of a costly and time-consuming transition into the new data-driven world can be hard to prove. But who says you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?

In this session our keynote speaker will explain how you can create and implement a strong data culture. We will go through how you can help your organization get on board the journey and put your company on the map as a modern data-centered organization, utilizing the true value that data has to offer for the whole business.

  • How do you communicate the value of a data-driven organization for your company?
  • How can you implement a strong data culture?
  • What are the next steps for the data fluent organization?
Retrospective Do’s & Don’ts: Zooming in on the Journey of Data-Driven Organizations
Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data & AI, Helen Oy
Henri Saksi, Chief Data Officer, Fiksuruoka

No matter if your company has been around for a long time or only a couple of years, one thing is certain; the importance of understanding and utilizing data is equally crucial for both. What can two completely different companies, with different organization sizes and business models, learn from each other’s data journeys?

In this discussion, our speakers from the previous sessions will put their heads together, compare their different data journeys and share their best practices of starting and executing the transition towards a data-driven company. What are the biggest challenges when enforcing a data journey? What were some of their biggest successes and the most important take aways? Together we will define what makes a successful data-driven organization.

  • What are the biggest challenges on the journey to become a data-driven company?
  • What are the most important and determining focus areas of the transition?
  • Best tips and take aways for a successful data transformation?


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