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Upcoming Sessions:


AI-Powered Cybersecurity: The Definitive Game Changer in the Digital Age

Dr. Bruce Watson Chief Advisor National Security Centre of Excellence, Canada
Dr. Mohammad Abdur Razzaque Expert in Secure AI, Generative AI, IoT, and Cybersecurity, and Associate Professor Teesside University, UK
Equip yourself with insights on how to harness the role of AI in bolstering cybersecurity measures, including threat detection, incident response, and data protection.


CHATGPT Enterprise: Revolutiozining the future of business in europe

Richard Cotton, Data and AI Evangelist, USA
Steffen Kirkegaard, Chairman of the Board, Artificial Intelligence: Technology and Ethics Commission (KITEK), Denmark
Explore ChatGPT Enterprise, the game-changing tool revolutionizing European businesses and learn how it is driving business transformation and why top industry leaders are jumping on board.


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