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Finland's NATO Partnership

Perspectives and Priorities with Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto


07. June 2023 | 16:00 - 16:45 CEST

In light of recent geopolitical shifts and concerns over regional security, Finland has announced its intention to formally join NATO, with confirmation from the organization on 4 April 2023. This historic decision has been the subject of debate within Finland for years and is expected to strengthen NATO’s presence in Northern Europe, sending a message of unity to potential adversaries.
Beyond the military, safety, and political implications of this move, what does it mean for the economy of Finland and businesses across Scandinavia?
As one of the key architects of Finland move to join NATO’s Partnership for Peace program, Minister Haavisto will share his insights on decision the benefits and challenges of the partnership and the priorities for Finland’s cooperation with NATO.
Don’t miss this chance to hear from one of the most prominent voices shaping Finland’s foreign policy as we explore discussion points based on key themes below to help prepare your business for the future:

  • Economic impacts of Finland’s NATO membership, including the potential benefits and challenges for businesses in the region and the percentage of GDP spending on NATO membership.
  • Potential security implications and how Finland’s NATO membership may affect the security and stability of the region where businesses operate, as well as any risks and changes businesses can expect in their day-to-day operations.
  • Potential opportunities for businesses arising from Finland’s NATO membership, such as those in the defense sector and foreign trade and investment.
  • How businesses can prepare for any changes in their supply chains or cross-border operations.
  • How Finland’s NATO membership may impact other Scandinavian countries and their relationships with Finland?
  • Steps businesses can take to leverage the new developments for growth and success.

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About the Speaker

Finland's NATO Partnership: Perspectives and Priorities with Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto

Pekka Haavisto

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Pekka Haavisto is a highly regarded diplomat and visionary leader who possesses an unwavering commitment to global security, climate policy, democracy, and human rights. Serving as Finland’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, he has spearheaded significant initiatives and played a pivotal role in Finland’s recent accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

In the aftermath of Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Haavisto demonstrated strong leadership by steering Finland’s firm stance on Russia, despite the potential risks involved. Given Finland’s shared 830-mile border with Russia and a history of invasions, the decision to join NATO reflects the country’s unwavering dedication to international unity and collective defense. The swift ratification process of Finland’s NATO membership is a momentous milestone in the alliance’s seventy-four-year history.

Pekka Haavisto’s exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication to peace, sustainability, and human rights have garnered him global recognition. His visionary approach to diplomacy, remarkable contributions to addressing global challenges, and commitment to fostering a more inclusive and sustainable world make him a highly respected figure both within Finland and on the international stage.
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