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The Next Silent Killer of Productivity and Well-Being in the Modern Workplace

22. March 2023 | 15:30 - 16:15 CET

Are you a business leader looking to increase productivity and retain your employees? Resenteeism may be hindering your efforts, the latest trend plaguing workers that’s even more dangerous than its predecessor, the art of quiet quitting.
Resenteeism is on the rise and this phenomenon involves employees physically present at work but emotionally disengaged, leading to decreased productivity and negative impacts on the overall organization.
During this session, we will explore the root causes of resenteeism, including burnout, dissatisfaction, lack of motivation, and conflicts with co-workers or management. We will also discuss practical strategies to address the issue and create a supportive and inclusive work environment that promotes employee well-being.
Join us for a fascinating fireside chat with industry experts to gain valuable insights and actionable advice on how to tackle this growing issue in your workplace. Do not miss this opportunity to learn how to identify and intervene early to prevent major impacts on your workforce and business operations, ultimately leading to a more committed and engaged workforce.
During the session, we will address the following:
  • What are the root causes of resenteeism in our workplace and how does it differ from quiet quitting?
  • How can organizations measure the impact of resenteeism on their productivity, employee engagement, and overall success?
  • What role do mental health and wellness programs play in addressing the issue of resenteeism?
  • How can we as business leaders but also as individuals ourselves recognize, identify, prevent, prioritize well-being and address resenteeism?
  • What are some strategies and best practices for creating a work culture that supports employee well-being and reduces the risk of burnout?
  • How can managers and leaders effectively communicate the importance of employee well-being to prevent a pervasive problem in their organisation?
  • What are the financial implications of resenteeism for your organization and how can this be measured accurately?
  • What are some of the emerging trends and technologies in the workplace that may impact the prevalence of resenteeism in the future?

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About the Speaker

Resenteeism: The Next Silent Killer of Productivity and Well-Being in the Modern Workplace

Yvonne Alozie Obi

Director, Global Diversity and Inclusion Speciliast, Group D&I Office
Standard Chartered Bank, United Kingdom
Top 50 Women Leaders in Africa by Forbes Magazine in 2020

Yvonne Alozie Obi is a Certified Diversity & Inclusion Specialist with an MSc in Organizational Psychology, and a British Psychological Society accreditation. She is currently the Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at Standard Chartered Bank where she plays a pivotal role in consulting, designing, embedding, and evaluating solutions and programmes to deliver the Global D&I strategy and related areas of the Employee Value Proposition, in particular the Employee Wellbeing strategy. Yvonne has proven ability in developing and managing programs to improve organizational employee experience and talent management outcomes and she is knowledgeable in designing and tracking employee experience, diversity and inclusion and performance management metrics.

Prior to her current roles, Yvonne held various senior positions in global consulting firms such as KPMG and PwC, where she advised multinational corporations on strategy, process improvement, and change management. Yvonne is a certified executive coach and has provided coaching services to business leaders across Africa and Europe. She is also a frequent speaker and panellist on leadership, and entrepreneurship and she has received several awards and recognition for her contributions to business and society, including being named one of the Top 50 Women Leaders in Africa by Forbes Magazine in 2020.

Marjolijn de Boer

Organizational Psychologist, High Performance Coach and Inspirational Speaker

Marjolijn de Boer is an organizational psychologist with 15 years of professional experience in coaching, consultancy and training. She is the founder of The Human Factor, a company that partners with organizations, teams and individuals to help them become high performing. She has developed a Power Plan methodology that focuses on utilizing and maximizing the human potential. The Power Plan method consists of discovering and growing true talents, passions and values and implementing these insights in the workplace. She also coaches clients on career issues, burnout and trauma. She is a certified trainer in DISC, Lumina, Brainspotting, Systemic Coaching, Scrum, LEAN, and CSR Burnout coaching.
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