Finding Financial Polaris – Navigating Continental Complexity by the Light of Innovation

30th November 2022, 08:30 – 09:30 CET

As complexity begets complexity—how can we find true north? During a global pandemic that presented disruptions in supply chains, organizational operations, and daily life, the world proved resilient in finding innovative solutions and creative alternatives. However, the infancy of 2022 saw a convalescent Europe plunged into sudden eclipse, with any path forward obscured by arisen continental strife. Through the veil of darkness there is a glimmer of light, as innovation again must lead the way, and provide us with long-lasting solutions to rally around. With energy alternatives and supply chains in distress—will innovation be the CFO’s guiding star?

Disruption requires tact and strategy, something best explored by establishing dialogue and comparing notes. Maintain a level head and let ingenuity lead the way as we find our way through the night in this insight, dedicated solely to charting the future of energy and global supply chains.

Hosted by:

Hans Backman
Group CFO, NIBE Group

Javier van Engelen
Group CFO – Board of Management, Signify

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Hans Backman, Group CFO, NIBE Group
Javier van Engelen, Group CFO - Board of Management, Signify

While still recovering from the disruptions of the past few years, an unprecedented crisis reared its head and threw global supply chains further into chaos, again jeopardizing revenue streams—regardless of industry. Once, nearshoring was to be a saving grace in times of turbulence, now we have seen even this falter, raising questions of here-shoring as a next step. Despite the influx of suggested alternatives, the future of the supply chain still remains shrouded, reemerging on the CFOs agenda as a point demanding critical attention.

How can some thrive will others falter? Lean in and take notes as this panel discussion will be a true meeting of the minds. Hans Backman and Javier van Engelen will deliberate on the viable options at hand and chart the course moving forward.


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