Fortifying the Cloud-Castle: Staying in Control with Zero-Trust Architecture

30th November 2022, 09:00 – 10:00 CET

The castle to your empire: the cloud environment. As organizations increasingly expand their IT activities over a hybrid-cloud environment, it is becoming a complicated ecosystem. Different products and software from multiple vendors on several locations, it can be become complex to stay in control of the network’s security. With letting in and relying more on third-party vendors; hosting, managing your data, infrastructure and other services, the attack surface expands. How do you balance the agility, security and efficiency of your cloud empire and protect your data against current and future threats, without compromising on performance?

During this 90 Minutes Cloud Insights Episode, you will get to understand how to stay in control of security challenges throughout the hybrid-cloud, by preventing attacks with enforcing zero-trust.

Hosted by:

Kalman Tiboldi
Former Chief Business Innovation Officer, TVH Group

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Guarding the Hybrid-Cloud: Preventive Security with Zero-Trust Architectures
Kalman Tiboldi, Former Chief Business Innovation Officer, TVH Group

The Zero Trust security model assumes that an attack is inevitable or has already occurred to your cloud and restricts access by default to your IT infrastructure, data and applications. By placing a guard to every room in your cloud castle environment, it trusts none of its users and so improves your security posture and increases cyber-resiliency. This modern cloud security approach could help preventing attacks to your hybrid-cloud environment.

In this keynote session, Kalman Tiboldi will provide an business case insight into how TVH Group is building their consistent cloud security network when data is distributed over several locations, by using a zero-trust security approach to prevent breaches and safeguard connectivity.

Tune in and learn more about concrete examples on:

  • The building blocks in setting up zero-trust architectures in the distributed cloud environment
  • Best practices in setting up a zero-trust architecture: isolating applications, monitoring and event detection
  • Roadblocks involved with identity access management decisions
  • The role of the cloud provider in security and their security services and how to deal with them


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