IT & Digital Agenda 2024
Executive Insights and Trends

The landscape of IT and digital leadership is rapidly evolving, reshaping businesses worldwide. In this year’s report, we delve deep into the transformative journey of tech leaders, exploring their pivotal role in driving innovation, resilience, and growth in today’s dynamic environment.

Key Takeaways:
  • CxOs are increasing investment in AI, with 24% of tech leaders in Europe already putting money into AI-enabled business models and services.
  • Data management and security remain key challenges for tech leaders who are focused on unraveling data silos for better integration while strengthening their data security posture.
  • Skilled talent remains in high demand despite tech layoffs with CxOs having to find creative ways to compete for the best tech workers.
  • As the enterprise network becomes more complex and laden with new technologies, IT & digital leaders are focused on strategic IT vendor partnerships that will not only support their business operations but drive growth and innovation as well.
  • The AI revolution has led to new technologies of interest such as Edge AI, AIOps, Explainable AI, and more.

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