Excelling in the Evolving Threat Landscape with Transparent Cyber Communication

14th February 2023, 12:00 – 13:30 EET

Managing and prioritizing the different cyber threats that companies are facing today is like walking a tightrope blindfolded for enterprise leaders. Making even the smallest misstep can cause your organization to fall into the darkness of ransomware attacks, phishing scams and loss of data, forcing companies to put their resources on climbing the recovery latter instead of driving the business forward.

Take off your blindfold and join this 90Minutes Insights where we will cover what the modern cyber landscape is looking like and how different industries are affected by the different threats. We will reflect on the ups and downs of shared threat intelligence, how it can help you enhance your situational awareness as well as discuss the obstacles that keep companies from having a complete transparent communication. Additionally, our speakers will compare how having a transparent vs non-transparent post-attack communication affects the company long term and look over effective ways of internal and external communication before, during and after a cyber incident for best crisis management.

Hosted by:

Juhani “Jussi” Eronen
Chief Specialist, NCSC-FI
Jouni Auer
CISO, Cargotec
Henri Heinonen
Director, Head of Information Security, CISO, Aktia Pankki
Topias Salminen
Head of Information Security, Oriola

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Examining the Cyber Outlook: Being Up to Date is Vital, Getting Ahead is Paramount
Juhani “Jussi” Eronen, Chief Specialist, NCSC-FI

The cyber climate is constantly evolving, with new emerging threats lurking in the distance at the same time as companies are fighting current crimes with full force. Staying up to date with both current and upcoming threats such as supply chain attacks, security isolationism and AI-powered cyberattacks, is crucial for companies determined to keep the upper hand of the cybercriminal. Only by raising your awareness can you build up your defense and response before it is too late, mitigating risks of business haltering attacks.

In this session our speaker will talk about the current threat landscape. We will cover the way we can see cyber threat trends heading in the future and how you as a leader or security expert can make preventing actions already today.

  • Mapping out the current threat landscape
  • Covering ways to improve the cyber defence, such as implementing cost effective good practices across the board
  • Forecasting the cyber climate in order to stay one step ahead of the emerging threats
Defeat with Discussion: Enabling Proper Cyber Response with Communication and Awareness
Jouni Auer, CISO, Cargotec
Henri Heinonen, Director, Head of Information Security, CISO, Aktia Pankki
Topias Salminen, Head of Information Security, Oriola

The saying “knowledge is key” has never been more true than when it comes to cyber security. Sharing possible threats and experiences thereof can be of immense value for others scanning the threat environment, improving their readiness and resilience. But how do you know how much to share about your company’s cyber weaknesses and incidents and most importantly – to whom? Staying silent and gatekeeping necessary information is starting to be a thing of the past, but how do you tackle the risk of losing the trust of your customers and external stake holders when exposing your weak spots?

In this session, our speakers will discuss the importance of knowledge and threat sharing amongst your peers in order to get a better situational awareness of the cyber climate. We are going to reflect on the downside of sharing your insights and how you can have an open, confidential communication without it compromising your company’s cyber security. Additionally, our speakers will compare how a transparent vs non-transparent post-attack communication strategy affects the company long-term as well as cover how companies should communicate - both internally and externally - before, during and after an incident in order to stay invincible in the evolving cyber climate. Join the session and pick the brains of our experts during our interactive live Q&A, where they will answer the questions you have about transparent cyber communication and the challenges that comes along with it.

  • Reflecting on the most effective ways of threat sharing transparency in trusted security networks as well as the barriers that hinders open communication
  • Comparing how a transparent vs non-transparent post-attack communication strategy affects the trust of the customers and external stake holders
  • Discussing ways to internally and externally communicate before, during and after a cyber incident for best crisis management


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