Driving Hypergrowth in the Digital Era: How Digital Natives Approach Data Hubs and Predictive Analytics

8th March 2023, 13:30 – 15:00 CET

Born and grown up in the digital age: digital native organizations’ mission, strategy and business model breathe innovation. Not having to transition traditional legacy systems leaves room for continuous experimenting with structures and resources with learning and adapting quickly. Regarding hypergrowth with data analytics, what can experienced, long-established legacy organizations learn from these digital native organizations that often have data at its core? What are their secrets of success in this transformative age?

In this 90Minutes Analytics Insights, you will learn more about:

  • How restructuring your data architecture towards a data hubs enables high performance in analytics and usage of AI?
  • How to approach predictive analytics and learnings to take from fast-moving digital native organizations?
  • What are digital natives doing on the area of data architectures and predictive analytics and what learnings to take to your own organization?

Hosted by:

predictive analytics
Dr. Ben Kuzey
VP. of Data & Analytics, Bitvavo
data hubs
Fedor Brookman
Head of Data, GO Sharing

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Creating a Hybrid Data Hub: Centralized Distributed Architecture as a Driving Force for Analytics & AI
Dr. Ben Kuzey, VP. of Data & Analytics, Bitvavo

As a digital native, Bitvavo has put data at its core. To enable predictive analytics and usage of AI, the organization has implemented a hybrid data hub. As a driver for innovation and accessibility of data, the question remains, how do you set up a data hub?

In this keynote, Dr. Ben Kuzey explains how at Bitvavo the data architecture has been restructured in a way that enables data sharing across silos. Tune in and learn more about:

  • What benefits and challenges does creating a data hub hold for organizations?
  • How does a hybrid data hub enable predictive analytics & AI?
  • How to structure your workforce when setting up a data hub?
  • What can traditional complex organizations learn from digital native organization's approach to creating a data hub?
Optimizing Float Usage with Predictive Analytics to Scale Connecting Cities Sustainably
Fedor Brookman, Head of Data, GO Sharing

With their mission “A Green Planet with Mobility for Everyone”, GO Sharing uses predictive analytics to optimize the management of their electric sharing vehicle float. As the organization continues to scale up, so grows their float volume and optimizing their rental rates increasingly becomes more important. Not only to improve revenue per vehicle, but also to minimize damages, as vehicles that are parked for a longer period are more prone to damages. By using predictive analytics, GO Sharing aims to optimize float usage and adjust their pricing strategies, marketing and products.

In this keynote business case, Fedor Brookman, Head of Data at GO Sharing, takes you through their predictive analytics journey. After this session you will understand:

  • How GO Sharing has used predictive analytics in the past year to optimize float management, reducing damages to the vehicles?
  • The challenges and successes GO Sharing has faced while setting up predictive analytics use case for optimizing float usage?
  • What tech stack and capabilities does your analytics team need and how has GO Sharing approached this?
  • What learnings can longer established and traditional organizations take from the way digital natives approach predictive analytics?


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