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- Partner Success Story -

The objective

Create new business relationships with top executives from Finland’s biggest companies.
Our Services
The Result
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Pre-qualification of prospects based on Dell’s target group
  • List of potential customers for meetings
  • Summary of prospect investment data and target group insights
  • Meeting booking between Dell and selected prospects
  • Post-meeting support
  • Dell had high-quality meetings with prospects who were interested in discussing future partnerships.
  • Dell’s customer base broadened, impressing the sales leadership team.
  • Successfully delivered 40 meetings to Dell in 2021.
  • Saved Dell time in terms of pre-work so they could focus on the meetings and follow-ups.


Can you provide us with an overview of your role in the company?

Marketing and Communications Director for Dell Technologies | Finland

How did your company benefit from the ME Matchmaking service?

With quite little pre-work we have been able to create new contacts with potential new customers. Management Events has made the process really easy for us by arranging the meetings on our behalf. It has been easy to find suitable target groups in the provided list. The only thing we need to do is prepare for the actual meeting and follow-up. We have been surprised by the quality of the meetings; the customers have really been interested in the discussions and we have also been able to agree on next steps with many of them.

Have any business deals resulted from the leads generated by ME Matchmaking?

The most important goal for us has been to create relationships with prospects representing large Finnish companies, and of course we believe to have business results later on as well.

What were the challenges your company faced in generating leads that ME Matchmaking service managed to help solve?

Being able to meet new customers in decision-making positions, especially when it’s a larger company. It’s usually a long process and requires many contacts before the actual first meeting. ME Matchmaking really saves time for us by bringing the right customers to us.

Would you recommend ME Matchmaking to other organizations? Tell us why.

If you need to broaden your customer base and/or reach new roles in your current client companies, this is a very good way to do it. Our sales leadership has been very satisfied with the results and process. We would definitely recommend ME Matchmaking to other organizations.

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