CIO Insights Episode #1: Adapting to the Future

How can CIOs prepare for workplace evolution?

25th  August 2021, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM CET

You can never predict the future, but CIO’s has to be prepare their company for it anyway. In this episode, our experts will tackle the challenges that every CIO has to be ready for, from building their future team, to staying connected in the new hybrid environment. We’ll go even one step further – Discussing the role of CIO in the non-financial issues, and what CIOs need to do in order to get a seat at that table.

Taking a part in creating the future is better than predicting it, and a smart CIO knows how to grab that opportunity.

Hosted by:

Miao Song
CIO Mars Petcare, European CIO of the Year 2020

Saskia Van Uffele
Digital Champion of Belgium, 2019 Leadership Award Winner (Etion)

Miguel Teixeira
Digital Transformation Officer at Renault Group, Most Inspirational European Digital Leader of the Year 2020

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Building a Holistic IT Workforce Strategy Ready for the Future
Miao Song, CIO Mars Petcare, European CIO of the Year 2020

In this talk with Miao, we will discuss on how to source the right people in order to create a winning team:

  • Successfully Sourcing the Talent for Your Team of IT Leaders
  • Upskilling and Re-Skilling: How to Shape a Winning Technology Team
  • Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your IT Force: Partner Up or Bring Things Back In-House?
  • Robots OnBoard: Can You Save Your IT team From Being Extinct?
  • The Importance of Colaboration With Other C-level Executives When It Comes to Hiring the Right People
Change Is On Its Way: How to be Active Instead of Reactive CIO's In Tackling the Future's Non-Financial Issues
Saskia Van Uffele, Digital Champion of Belgium, Non-Executive Boardmember, 2019 Leadership Award Winner (Etion)

Can the CIO have an active role in the non-financial strategy as well? In this fireside chat with Saskia, we will discuss the impact the CIO can make on the financial, but on the social and environmental performance as well and what advantages that could bring for the company. The session will cover the following points:

  • How your IT Team Can Make an Impact on Social, Environmental and Financial Performance?
  • Taking a One Step further: The Role of CIO's and Their Teams in The Non-Financial Strategy
  • Predictions For the Future: What Skills CIO's Must Gain to Get a Seat at the Strategic Business Drawing Table
Future Workplace Technologies: How to Stay Connected in a Hybrid Environment
Miguel Teixeira, Digital Transformation Officer at Renault Group, Most Inspirational European Digital Leader of the Year 2020

As soon as everyone figured out how to keep their teams connected during these hectic times, a new challenge appeared: the new hybrid workplace. In this talk, our speaker will focus on the tools IT leaders can use in a hybrid environment:

  • What Tools Can Enable IT Employees to Collaborate and Communicate at Scale and Speed to Compete in the Digital Era?
  • The CIO Challenge: Redesigning Your Infrastructure for a New Hybrid Work Model
  • The Art of AI and Automation and Their Value in the New IT World
  • Cross-Silo Leadership: Breaking Down the Internal Silo Mentality


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