CIO's Role in Creating a Customer Centric Culture: How to Enable the Right Mindset?

13th October 2021, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM CET

To engage with business partners more effectively, CIOs sometimes must combine technology, or even put it aside and focus on their internal and external customers. 

During this episode, you will hear best practices, successful case studies and challenges faced by well-established customer centric CIO’s who made a change, and will leave with the knowledge of how to build the right customer-centric team while driving innovation, creativity, collaboration and strong business alignment all across your organization.

Hosted by:

Carsten Priebs
CIO of Randstad, Top 10 CIO’s of the year 2020 in Germany
Esteban Remecz
CIO & VP of IT at Maxion Wheels, Chairman of China CIO Alliance

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Transforming the Organization’s Culture Through IT Leadership
Carsten Priebs, CIO of Randstad, Top 10 CIO's of the year 2020 in Germany

In this leadership lesson, Carsten will share his success story, including best practices, practical examples and lessons learned during his journey. He will speak about how real customer-centric leadership really looks like, how to stay ahead by adjusting to the dynamic developments in your customer's needs, with practical advices how CIOs can prepare for a leader of the customer experience strategy.

  • Transforming a Business Opportunity Into a Digital Solution that Satisfies Needs and Wants of the Customers
  • Being Engaged in Selling the Solution
  • Using a Cross-Functional Team to Understand Shifting Customer Demands
  • Employing Agile Development and a Low Code Platform to Be Fast
  • Collaboration of Business Owner and Product Manager
  • What are the Learnings and How to Transfer Them Into Future Initiatives
  • Apart From the Learnings What is the Bigger Picture - It's the Leadership, Stupid!

A continuation of Carsten's lesson, ask your questions live, follow up on that and develop a discussion on the key to creating a superior experience that serve as a sustainable differentiator for customers.
How CIOs Can Make the Difference: Expanding Beyond the Traditional IT Responsibilities
Esteban Remecz, CIO & VP of IT at Maxion Wheels, Chairman of China CIO Alliance

In this interview, we will hear from well-established CIOs who are making a difference in the whole organization. How to overcome the obstacles when implementing a customer centric culture and digital literacy across their whole team and organization? Should the CIOs leave technology aside and focus on the customers or use it to get there? We will examine best practices through the following topics:

  • How to Drive Innovation and Creativity in Your Team?
  • Being Engaged in Selling the Solution
  • Cultivating a Strong Business Alignment Inside Your IT Team
  • How CIO's Can Accelerate Digital Literacy Across The Enterprise


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