CxO Insights with Matthew Griffin : Leading in Exponential Times

i, The Future of Transportation / Mobility

23rd November 2021, 12pm – 1.30pm CET

Like many other industries, transportation did not have 2021 that it may have envisaged. The instability of a global pandemic was keenly felt in an industry built on connectivity and movement, with unprecedented challenges for the global transport sector and the people who rely on it. Across the globe, rethinking mobility is now a priority to build back better, with safer, more resilient and efficient transport systems for all.

However, as the transportation industry is re-invented to mobility as a service, this both presents CxOs with new ways to move people and goods around more efficiently and at lower costs, but it also presents new business model opportunities in more ways than one. 

Where should companies direct their focus when it comes to transportation in 2021 and beyond? Trends come and go, but the industry is poised to face a unique set of circumstances as the future collides with the present. For any establishment looking to take the next step in transportation, do not miss out on this 90-Minutes CxO Insights!

Hosted by:

Matthew Griffin

Award-winning futurist and international keynote speaker

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Join our award-winning futurist Matt Griffin to catch a glimpse into the future of the transportation within an expanding realm of technological and cognitive abilities:

  • How the future of transportation could be uni-modal not multi-modal?
  • Assessing the variety of new transportation technologies (from supersonic trains and hypersonic rockets to electrification of cargo ships, aircraft etc)
  • Showcasing new energy technologies for electric vehicles
  • Discussing how the entire industry is moving to mobility as a service with the death of the car and the rise of autonomous shops
  • EU’s strategy on sustainable and smart mobility
  • Digital innovation in modernizing transport infrastructure safety
Prior to this Rapid Fire, all attendees will have the opportunity to submit as many questions as possible to Matt and our moderator will put Matt on the spot for a lightning round of 15 questions. He only has 60-seconds to summarize and shed light on his answers for each question!
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The future of transportation will be quick to arrive and highly disruptive. As the world becomes more digitized with smart technologies leaving people with an increased need for connection, now is the time to strategize, communicate with open minds and learn from each other so that when the new day breaks, it will be one of mobility.

Seize the opportunity to take part in this Thinkers Hub, where you will have the opportunity to be in the same breakout room as Matt Griffin and your peers to have an active real-time sparring discussion and relevant insight sharing as a modern CxO leader.


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