Driven by Data: Ensuring Quality to Improve Business Operations

22 February 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

Data collection plays a major role in digitalization as it opens up the potential for digital tools that utilizes of the data to improve daily work. This in turn means that the available data need to be high in quality that fits the intended purpose. At the same time the question of how we should store our data becomes increasingly important.

In this episode we will dive deeper into the challenges of external cloud storage, the meaning of data quality and how to digitalize you organization with a plan in mind.

Hosted by:

Anders Karlsson
Head of Data Driven Production, Stockholm Exergi
Lotta Wibeck
Digitalization Program Lead, Skanska Sverige AB
Jan-Olof Andersson
Informationssäkerhetschef och Dataskyddsombud, ICA Sverige AB

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Choices That Matter: The Role of Data Selection Quality Assurance
Anders Karlsson, Head of Data Driven Production, Stockholm Exergi

When seeking to implement more analytics as a part of the daily business operations, data is everything. Master data needs to not only be available, but also precise. How can we ensure that we not only have quality data available but also that we dress it in a way that suits our needs? Listen in and ask questions to our speaker as they discuss their approach to data management:

  • Why is quality data so important?
  • What truly is quality data?
  • How do we extract data to best fit the intended purpose?
  • What sets the terms for how you extract your data?
Forming the Framework for Data Governance
Lotta Wibeck, Digitalization Program Lead, Skanska Sverige AB

Access to more and more data opens up endless possibilities for application of new platforms that aid the everyday business operations. Deciding the full scope of data implementation is however not an obvious decision as it is easy to overlook aspects of daily business leading to missed opportunities for improvement. In this session, we'll touch on how data governance applies to digitalization as a means to help the process:

  • Knowing what you are trying to achieve with digitalization and how it relates to governance
  • Including all necessary organizational structures
  • Setting the full scope
Information Protection: The Impact of External Cloud Data Storage
Jan-Olof Andersson, Informationssäkerhetschef och Dataskyddsombud, ICA Sverige AB

There are not many companies that have not migrated to the cloud on at least a basal level, and some have gone as far as migrating their entire database. Full migration is, however, not an option for everyone as there is specific data that must remain protected in local servers. This also means that the question of 'who owns the data?' - For many, deciding how much to store on the cloud versus on-prem and the surrounding security is the next challenge to tackle moving forward:

  • Disaster recovery - What data should be stored on external cloud and what should be stored locally
  • What are the security challenges of 2nd or 3rd party cloud storage and how do we address them?
  • If we change cloud service provider, what happens with our data?


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