Improving Analytics Usage on the Organizational Level Through Awareness

19 April 2022, 13:00 – 14:30 CET

If the saying that ‘data is the new gold’ is true, then it goes without saying that securing your data is of extreme importance. This also means that getting everyone in your organization invested in data is of almost equal importance.

During these 90 minutes we will explore how building interest and in data management and analytics throughout all areas of the organization can increase production and how data protecting your data also secures your business.

Hosted by:

Eroll Koolmeister
Creator, The AI Network
Robert Mackenzie
CIO, Coromatic Group AB

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Breaking Down the Silos: From Data Analytics to Organizational Wide Analytics Cooperation
Eroll Koolmeister, Creator, The AI Framework

A vast amount of employees work with data daily, but most of them have not understood its value, which can lead to missed opportunities and errors when people mishandle the data. Training your employees in data management can enable opportunities for expansion of data analytics across the organization, allowing for cooperation between functions, improving efficiency for everyone involved.

In this expert insight presentation, Errol Koolmeister, creator of The AI Framework, will share his thoughts on approaching this topic and successfully implementing data analytics throughout the organization:

  • Understanding your organizational data and analytics needs
  • Build organization-wide interest in data by aligning goals
  • Train your employees in data management
  • Setting up the infrastructure to support cooperation between corporate functions
The Gold You Store: Is Data Protection a Part of Your Business Strategy?
Robert Mackenzie, CIO, Coromatic Group AB

As we place an increasing amount of sensitive information on servers outside our immediate control through public cloud services, we also transfer a large portion of responsibilities in keeping the information safe. This does however not mean that we as organizations do not have responsibilities, especially when dealing with personal information. As such, we need to ensure employees are trained in data security as improper handling of data is the biggest reason for security breaches:

  • Data security as a part of business strategy
  • Understanding the value of data and why it is important to protect it
  • Organizational structure - How can the structure of an organization help improve data security?


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