The Future Drives Electric: Innovative Technologies Enabling E-Mobility to Take Over the Auto Industry

25 May 2022, 13:00 – 14:30 CET

The sales of Electronic Vehicles (EV) grew by 42% during the pandemic, even as the global automotive market shrank over the last two years, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (The EIU).

Despite such impressive growth rates, EV brands are grappling with the sweeping technology expansion and rising fierce competition in the industry. More importantly, they struggle to tap the extraordinary surge in consumer demand for battery cars amid continuing supply-chain disruptions.

In this episode, industry leaders will share how the leading automakers do differently to scale their capabilities further while staking on electric, climate-neutral future and staying ahead of the competition in a sustainable way.

Hosted by:

Michael Perschke
CEO and Member of the Board Quantron, Germany
Carl-Magnus Norden
Founder & Executive Chairman, Volta Trucks, Sweden
Grzegorz (Greg) Ombach
Executive Vice President, Head of Group Strategy and Innovation, Head of Battery Systems DRÄXLMAIER Group, Germany

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Transforming the Transportation of Goods and People from ICE to Zero Emission: EV and FCEV Trucks, Buses and Vans
Michael Perschke, CEO and Member of the Board Quantron, Germany

Every industry is on the way to transform their business into a more sustainable entity but the road from only concepts to a real solution is not yet paved.

Quantron is globally leading in supplying zero emission trucks, buses and vans – while others just talk and present prototypes and CGI movies; Quantrons vehicles are on the road since months. In this case study we gain insights on a company that set a milestone for the automotive industry:

  • Reducing the global GHG and CO2 footprint by transforming the goods & people transport industry from diesel to zero emission electric drive
  • Along the way: increasing the ESG rating of companies by reducing their carbon footprint
Delivering Zero Emission Electric Trucks to Make City Centers Safer and More Pleasant for All
Carl-Magnus Norden, Founder & Executive Chairman, Volta Trucks, Sweden

The journey from start-up and concept to vehicle delivery at industry-leading pace is not easy, but several business examples including the story from Volta Trucks show how it can be done in excellence:

  • How to make commercial vehicles operating in urban environments safer and more sustainable?
  • Supporting fleet managers in the transition to electrification
  • How Volta Trucks helps address the EU-wide driver shortage
Powering up the EV Supply Chain Amid the Lithium-Ion Batteries Shortage
Grzegorz (Greg) Ombach, Executive Vice President, Head of Group Strategy and Innovation, Head of Battery Systems DRÄXLMAIER Group, Germany

As the demand for EV batteries has been skyrocketing, most of the automakers are faced with a stark choice: to cut their production size significantly as a short-term relief or apply long term changes in strategy and supply chain planning. Join us in this expert interview to see which solutions automakers can use to stay ahead in the global EV battery arms race and fulfil near term EV production promises:

  • Which technology solutions can help automakers identify potential bottlenecks and risks in a global EV battery supply
  • Can in-house battery production make automakers cost competitive with combustion engine vehicles when batteries represent the key ingredients – making up between 35 and 45 % of the EV total cost?


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