Transformation of Mobility Experience: Racing toward a Connected, Electric and Smart Auto Industry

30 March 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

As the auto industry is going through the disruptive digital transformation and revolutionizing customer experience, what can you expect to happen to the entire automotive ecosystem, say, in the next ten years?

Obviously, the generational change in use of mobility – quest for much more personalized, digitized and convenient driving – will lead to business model innovation and new market niches auto manufacturers. Embedding upgradable software in the vehicles from tech giants the likes of Microsoft, Google and Apple will also push the frontiers of the industry even further turning the car of the future into a “computer on wheels”.

In this episode, you will learn about the major technological developments coming down the road to open up new opportunities for the key players of the industry. Particularly, our world class speakers will share what it takes to introduce your customers to a driving experience that has never existed before with a special focus on electric, autonomous and connected vehicles while keeping the DNA of your brand intact.

Hosted by:

Prashant Tiwari
General Manager and Director Intelligent Connected Systems (ICS) Division, Toyota North America, USA
Satish Rajkumar
Head of Digitalization (Battery Optimization and Monitoring) & IT at Volvo Energy, Volvo Group, Sweden
Dr. Hans Peter Kleebinder
Independent Expert for Mobility, Germany

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Conveying Importance
Shift to Cloud: Monetizing Connected Vehicle Data to Create a User-Centric Experience and Commercial Value
Prashant Tiwari, General Manager and Director Intelligent Connected Systems (ICS) Division, Toyota North America, USA

Though the use of data of the connected vehicle has been growing exponentially over the past decade, it’s still something that remains underutilized by all automotive industry stakeholders. This session will provide you with practical takeaways about the ways you can tap into the power of the cloud to monetize a repository of data which your connected cars generate:

  • Who really does own connected car data from across the industry?
  • How can automakers best collaborate with customers and regulators to share the data for the benefit of consumer experience and commercial profitability without breaching personal privacy?
  • How to scale up the use of cloud and offer the greatest return on investment while enhancing every stage of the automotive value chain?
Conveying Importance
Addressing Embedded Systems and Software Challenges in Electric Vehicles
Satish Rajkumar, Head of Digitalization (Battery Optimization and Monitoring) & IT at Volvo Energy, Volvo Group, Sweden

As new generation electric vehicles (EV) go mainstream, embedded systems and software become the critical element in the industry to support infotainment, connectivity and battery management.

Answering these and other pertinent questions, this session will offer you food for thought that will help spark your billion-dollar idea of the auto industry:

  • What challenges does moving from “built everything around the engine and chassis” to “software first” in EVs present to suppliers of automotive components?
  • How will tech giants shape the future of autos and why is cooperation better than competition to speed up EVs revolution?
Future Auto Industry: Is It Really Safer, Smarter, and More Sustainable?
Dr. Hans Peter Kleebinder, Independent Expert for Mobility, Germany

CO2 reduction, energy transition, digitalization of the connected vehicle as well as the integration of AI and autonomous driving features brings new perspectives and challenges that are still partly unknown for the whole industry. On top of that, questions remain about cybersecurity of the modern car. This session will give an insight about remaining questions and on how to answer them:

  • Mobility from the user’s perspective
  • The new mobility ecosystem
  • New players for a new industry
  • Mobility as a Service


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