Banking on Digital Innovation with Speed, Simplicity and Security

13th October 2022, 12:00 – 13:30 CEST

CIOs, CDOs and CTOs of forward-looking banks stepped into the spotlight decisively to provide upgraded financial and payment solutions at a moment’s notice when businesses pivoted to online marketplaces in droves over the last two years. But the bar keeps rising. So do the roles of CIOs and CTOs as the pace and simplification of digitization presents a new set of risks including the digital transformation trap and cyber vulnerabilities.

If you are an ambitious technology executive of the banking industry – regardless the stage of your digital journey – we invite you to join this timely and insightful episode. Our top tech speakers will take a deep dive into the best practices to help you embrace the transformative potential of cutting-edge technologies securely and at scale while delivering business value for your customers.

Hosted by:

Ausra Matuseviciene
CTO Transaction Services, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken
João Dias
Chief Digital Officer, Novobanco
Craig Hughes
Vice President of Architecture, Emirates NBD

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Unlocking the Key Values on Digital Transformation for Banks
Ausra Matuseviciene, CTO Transaction Services, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

Although it does not happen in a linear fashion, pursuing successful digital transformation in banking still requires a clear, comprehensive framework that should guide essential processes. In this session Ausra Matuseviciene will outline a holistic approach to strategy planning of digitalization and resource allocation in legacy banks helping you minimize errors and interruptions during the process.

  • Why grit is key for successful digital transformation in legacy banks?
  • Importance of getting technology experts into corporate banking management teams.
  • Aligning of strategic priorities and operational execution.
The Future of Banking Belongs to Both the Best Fintechs and Incumbent
João Dias, Chief Digital Officer, Novobanco

Today’s banking industry is dominated by the most human centric fintechs and customer focused banks. The best fintechs have become fully licensed and regulated banks over the past years to capture the trust of customers and developed a significant human touch to complement the simple and convenient user experience (UX) they already had.

Grounded in practicality, João Dias will explain how the best incumbent banks have leveraged their relatively loyal customer base, omni-channel vocation and proximity to local communities, while building great UX on top of radically transformed tech, organization and processes.

  • Transforming the legacy faster than competitors is not sufficient. What else you need to know?
  • Expanding on the human, localized and personal interaction model with customers to stay ahead the competition.
  • Leveraging franchise and partner expansively to build a strong bank identity.
Digital Transformation or Digital Lipstick: Avoiding the Technology Trap in Banking Innovation
Craig Hughes, Vice President of Architecture, Emirates NBD

Laying out a digital strategy before you decide to boost your bank’s efficiency and competitiveness is great. You can streamline process, automate decisions, create new products, integrate systems and improve your customer's journey. Digital transformation has many risks and often leads to failure.

During this session, Craig Hughes will tell you the story of one of many such failures and explain how to avoid them.

  • What happens when the strategy is too siloed, when costs get too high, or when the business benefit fails to visualize?
  • When digitalization is superficial, does lipstick work?
  • How to avoid a digital transformation failure?


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