Banks Got Talent: Competing with Big Tech for the Best Employee in the Industry

22nd November 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

What it takes to lead a successful IT transformation and build future-ready digital banking services with a strong human element? What sets successful customer-aligned banks apart from rising Fintechs and new digital challengers? How can banks adjust their tech talent acquisition and development strategies to a tight labor market? These are the overarching questions our top-notch speakers will answer during our 90 minutes insights and discuss with you how to level up your talent management vision for digital transformation.

This is a must-attend event as the banking ecosystem has been fiercely competing with other financial institutions gobbling up a large share of the tech talent pool spanning high demand areas, including mobile banking, data analytics, and software engineering.

Hosted by:

Gerard Penning
Chief HR Officer, Member of the Executive Board, ABN AMRO Bank

Conrad Ford
Chief Product & Strategy Officer – Allica Bank

Luigi Maria Fierro
Global Head HR Strategy and Analytics, ING Bank

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Digital Transformation beyond Technology - Why Are Banks Failing?
Gerard Penning, Chief HR Officer, Member of the Executive Board, ABN AMRO Bank

Executing digital transformation is not only about infrastructure, but also about a change in corporate vision and leadership style. A key barrier to digital transformation in banking is senior management and their inability to start adapting the organization’s entire structure towards an innovative operating model.

Discover with Gerard Penning where and how to begin while avoiding pitfalls during a digital transformation of your bank at the nexus of technology and human leadership.

  • Leveraging organizational strengths to accelerate digital transformation and make change.
  • Creating a digital culture that drives transformation in banks - why HR is critical for success?
If You Cannot Beat Them, Join Them: What Can Banks Learn from Fintechs to Maintain Strategic Fit for Talent Competition?
Conrad Ford, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Allica Bank

When it comes to recruiting the new breed of coders, tech talents or senior executives with broad business experience into their ranks, traditional banks are losing ground to fintechs and financial startups in today's market.

In this session, our fintech guru Conrad Ford will share his best practices in planning a winning talent strategy you can implement in your bank to stay ahead of the game.

  • Is digital transformation really a cultural transformation?
  • Why does the best talent seek the best leaders?
  • Why should you beware of consultants and contractors?
Bridging the Digital Talent Gap in Banking: Are You Ready to Scale-up Skill-Based Solutions?
Luigi Maria Fierro, Global Head HR Strategy and Analytics, ING Bank

Did you know that banking has the widest gap in digital talent of all industries? With so much riding on digital transformation, it is of significant importance that the human capital of banks remains competitive and future proof, which is becoming increasingly difficult.

During this session Luigi Maria Fierro will demonstrate how the right strategy of talent management supports the aim to up-skill, reskill and cross-skill your workforce and effectively minimize your tech skill shortages.

  • What does it mean working with skills and why banks should consider it?
  • Which are the main challenges in implementing skill-based solutions?
  • Which are you advises/lesson learned in implementing such solutions?


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