Centering the Customer in the Digital Transformation of Retail Banking

17th May 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

In an era where organizations are moving towards an increasing amount of digital interactions and online services, traditional banks are at risk of falling behind if they don’t adapt. New technologies that allow for previously unseen
integration between business APIs has resulted in new opportunities by offering services through platform collaboration. Fintechs are the new challengers in town, and they are looking to take on banks to become the new primary source of financial services through innovative technologies and by offering great customer experiences.

During these 90 minutes, we will discuss how banks can make use of digital innovation to ensure that they not only stay in the game but are top contenders for financial services. We will dive deeper into the benefits of thinking outside the box by creating new platforms that are non-reliant on legacy bank systems and the importance that customer experience will play in ensuring that retail banks stay relevant for customers, even in the future.

Hosted by:

Ulrika Claesson
Head of Open Community, Nordea
Christoffer Malmer
Head of SEBx, SEB
Marinka Van Der Meer
Chief Customer Officer, de Volksbank
Tamás Fodor
Member of the Board, Sberbank

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Open the Banking Platform — Maximizing Opportunities Through Shared Data
Ulrika Claesson, Head of Open Banking Community, Nordea

The impact that fintech has had on the European banking industry has been exceedingly noticeable as digital innovations have opened new ways for them to challenge traditional banks by providing clients with new banking services. There are however opportunities for traditional banks to cooperate with businesses to create new customer experiences and find more avenues of revenue. In this session our guest speaker will provide insights into Banking as a Service and what it means for banks' future.
Challenging the Challenger — Creating Your Own Platform to Compete with Fintech
Christoffer Malmer, Head of SEBx, SEB

While open banking provides banks with business opportunities through collaboration with other companies, the threat that fintech poses towards the banking industry cannot be ignored. Having no legacy system to work around means fintech can build platforms that perfectly fit the customer wants and allows them to cater their services to the client's needs. In this session Christoffer Malmer will walk us through how traditional banks can tackle this challenge by building their own external platform.
From a Customer Perspective — Becoming a Bank of Experience
Marinka Van Der Meer, Chief Customer Officer, de Volksbank
Tamás Fodor, Member of the Board, Retail, Sberbank

The ever-increasing expectations of customers means that the traditional bank service is falling out of favor since they fail to provide them with the experience that they want. Clients want a positive experience that shows that the banks understand not only their need but also the ultimate goal they are trying to achieve when seeking a banking service. In this session we will hear from Marinka Van Der Meer and Tamás Fodor and how they see the future of customer experience in banking.


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