Budgeting for Cybersecurity – How Ready is Your Financial Fortress to Mobilize Its People, Processes and Technology?

29th March 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

The financial executive is seeing a constant increase in malicious API-traffic, along with surging cyber-attacks. All of this follows in the volatile wake of a post-crisis Europe, brought on by increasingly creative attacks, and the substandard security in the hybrid workplace, uncomfortably highlighting the need for strengthened cybersecurity budgeting. Personnel, procedures, as well as solutions, require immediate attention – And the power to bolster these inevitably lies with the CFO.

In this episode we will scrutinize the vulnerabilities in your organization’s fortifications through the lens of finance. We will leave the technical minutiae to the technicians and get down to brass tacks on what you as a CFO can do to turn the tide in the battle against those that would seek to compromise your organization.

Hosted by:

Stef Hoffman
Global CISO, Royal Philips

Robert Mungenast
CISO, Electrolux

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Deploying the Potential of People, Process and Technology on the Cyberfinancial Battlefield
Stef Hoffman, Global CISO, Royal Philips

At the heart of cyber defense lies personnel – the human firewall. Simply investing in the right cybersecurity products creates opportunity, but the road to safeguarding your organization against attacks and breaches begins with the people who monitor and configure them. Investing in the right competence, internally or externally can make or break your cyber-attack readiness.
Bringing Proper Security Processes and Fail-Safes to Your Financial War Table
Robert Mungenast, CISO, Electrolux

For people and technology to mesh and do their respective jobs, the formidable fortress of finance requires impeccable cybersecurity processes and procedures. Budgeting needs to be allocated to put guidelines, policies and contingencies into place that minimize the risk of financial loss in the case of a cyber-attack.
Prioritizing Investments in the Right Technology to Turn the Tide

There is a myriad of security solutions on the market, allowing organizations a wide array of options in terms of protection and monitoring. Many of these services and products have a tendency to overlap, creating an unnecessary risk of overspending. The CFO needs to be a part of the conversation to ensure proper priorities in cybersecurity CAPEX.


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