Transformative CIO: Building Adaptive and Agile Business Model in a Constantly Changing Environment

27th April 2022, 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM CET

The pandemic has forced CIOs to innovate their way out of disasters, with examples showing CIOs even inventing whole new business models in order to keep their company alive. 

While the times ahead of us are still uncertain, this forced experimentation is an opportunity that many IT teams has used and seized. With any innovation there is a chance of failure, so it is important for CIO’s to build an adaptive and agile business model ready to pivot when things go wrong.

Hosted by:

Jiri Manas
Regional CIO & CTO – Central Europe at Tesco, ASEAN CIO of the Year 2017

Mats Hultin
Group CIO at Ericsson, CIO of the Year 2015

Johan Kestens
CIO at BNY Mellon Europe, Gloabl Business CIO Award 2015

Jots Shembi
CIO, CDO & CTO at University of Essex, Most Influential Women in Tech 2020 & 2021, CIO 100 (UK) 2020

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How Can CIO Respond and Prepare for Future Disruptive Forces and New Business Models
Jiri Manas, Regional CIO & CTO - Central Europe at Tesco, ASEAN CIO of the year 2017
Mats Hultin, Group CIO at Ericsson, CIO of the year 2015

During this keynote session, we will hear about the most important steps CIOs need to take in order to prepare for the future. The pandemic may not be a disruption anymore, but it has showed us how important it is for a company to develop an agile IT in order to survive when thigs become hectic tough:

  • How CIO’s Can Adopt an Empowerment-Driven Approach to Decision-Making
  • IT Remaking the Organization’s Business Model to Better Align with the Company’s Main Business Requirements
  • CIOs Successfully Reconstructing Their IT Organizations by Adopting a Services Model
CIOs Withstanding Disruptions, Achieving IT Agility and Evolving with Confidence Through Innovation
Johan Kestens, CIO at BNY Mellon Europe, Global Business CIO Award 2015
Jots Shembi, CIO, CDO & CTO at University of Essex, Most Influential Women in Tech 2020 &2021, CIO 100 (UK) 2020

The pandemic showed us that innovation is crucial during hectic times, and its role in fighting the uncertainty is invaluable. In this panel discussion, we will hear two CIOs experts who will share their experience and lessons learned on the following subject:

  • How Can CIOs Develop Strategies That Absorb the Disruption Without Derailing the IT Department’s Primary Missions of Serving its Customers and Driving Transformation
  • How to Be an IT Leader and a Driving Force Behind Tomorrow’s Innovation Engine
  • Surviving Disruption Through Innovation, Culture and Agility
Exclusive Q&A

During this live Q&A, our attendees will have an access to this special interactive think thank and will be able to tune in live. The discussion will be moderated by our moderator, and everyone will be encouraged to ask our expert any questions they might have regarding their talk, or just contribute to the topic of discussion and share their personal experience and opinion.


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