Business and IT Convergence: Delivering Value and Driving Business Growth

26th January 2022, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CET

In times of disruption, it has become very clear that at this point, we’ve moved way beyond simple digital transformation. The role of the CIO as a leader of this transformation has never been so important, and the major priority is simple: digitalize everything, and now! 

This episode will explore the shift from information technology to business technology in ensuring enterprises function better, make more profit, and see better ROI!

Hosted by:

Dax Grant
CIO Global Operations at HSBC, CIO Global 100 List

Herbert Lohninger
CIO at University of Salzburg, Special Change Award 2019

Edward Wagoner
CIO Digital at JLL, Techvangelist, 2021 ORBIE Winner

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How can IT and Business work together as co-creators for generating value?
Dax Grant, CIO Global Operations at HSBC, CIO Global 100 List, Women in Technology 2020 Excellence Award Finalist

During this interview we will discuss the critical factors in Business-IT alignment, focusing on how CIO's can identify what works for their company, how to understand the true needs of the business and how to save money while still expanding:

  • Practical Example: Understanding How Your Organization Works and What Technologies Are Available to Make it Work Better
  • How Can CIOs Work as Partners to the Business: Digging Deep to Understand the True Needs
  • How to Successfully Perform a Balancing Act: Saving money while expanding your IT
  • How to Enable Your IT to Transition From Supporting the Business to Being the Business
How to Enable People, Processes and Technology Through a Strong CIO-CFO Relationship
Herbert Lohninger, CIO at University of Salzburg, Special Change Award 2019

This fireside chat will address the importance for CIOs of straightening the relationship with the CFO and the value it can bring to the whole organization:

  • How can CIO’s Technology Expertise Become Key to Support Major Decision-Making for CFOs: Providing Efficient and Secure Access to Business-Critical Data Insights
  • What Are the New Tools and Technologies Needed in the Office of Finance in Order for the Organization to Survive and Thrive in the Digital Landscape Today?
  • IT Investments and Budgeting: The Importance of CIO-CFO Collaboration on Budgeting Support and Tech Strategies
Success Story: Fueling & Accelerating Digital Transformation
Edward Wagoner, CIO Digital at JLL,Techvangelist, 2021 ORBIE Winner

In this case study we will hear from Edward, the JLL's innovation arm, about his experience and the transformation that this real estate giant had under his command. He will be happy to share his methods, best practices and achievements, covering the following topics:

  • How Enabling your Employees with the Right Equipment Can Drive Business Growth
  • Best Practices: What Are the Key Components that IT Needs to Provide in Order to Create the Best Seamless Experience?
  • How to Overcome Organizational Silos with Putting an Accent to Change Management?
  • CIO's Tips and Tricks: Lessons Learned During JLL’s Ambitious Growth and Transformation


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