Data and Analytics Empowering The CIOs of The Future

21st September 2022, 13:00 PM – 14:30 PM CEST

Analytics have powered much of the innovation of the last decade. It tells us what happened, explains why it happened, and predicts what will happen in the future. When combined with automation, can CIOs move past descriptive and predictive analytics toward prescriptive guidance? This episode will focus on practical examples on how to make the most of combining different technologies in order to accelerate the digital transformation in the future. Make the most of it and join in for a discussion in this interactive tech episode.

Hosted by:

Rich Corbridge
CIO, Boots

Rhonda Vetere
Global CIO, Herbalife Nutrition

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Tech-leaders unlocking new capabilities with data and analytics in CX
Rich Corbridge, CIO, Boots

In this data talk, our experienced, award winning speaker will share his expertise in using data in CX, and the CIOs role in that process. As every IT leader knows, sometimes the technology is not the key problem, but managing to evaluate the business, IT team and overall competence is something you need to focus on. This interview will cover the following talking points:

  • Successfully enabling data-driven customer experience at scale
  • How can IT teams give customers “actionable data that empowers them
  • Waking up to the value of data: using digital tools to visualize and manipulate environments virtually, reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes
Data as a currency of digital transformation: CIO's guide to making an impact
Rhonda Vetere, Global CIO, Herbalife Nutrition

Join us for this incredible expert talk led by numerous award winning expert who will share with you the secrets behind the data strategy of the successful CIOs. If your company is not a data-driven one, it will become very soon, so upgrade your tactics and prepare your company for the future - it very well might be the advantage that will make the main difference.

  • How CIO can shift the focus of data use from cost reduction and efficiency to market growth and customer retention
  • How does data make IT and the CIO central to the company’s core mission?
  • Best practices for CIOs driving revenue, expansions, adoption and progress with data strength
  • Upskilling your talent: how can CIOs prepare their teams for the new machine-human interaction?
Exclusive Q&A with Rhonda Vetere, CIO of Herbalife Nutrition, seasoned C-Suite executive, and passionate global leader in technology
Rhonda Vetere, Global CIO, Herbalife Nutrition

Prior to this session, you'll get a chance to submit your questions for Rhonda. Is there any particular trend in data that you want to hear more about? Do you have a follow up question to her talk? Do you need some advice on your data strategy? Our moderator will read them out loud to Rhonda and she will try to answer as many questions as possible in 15 minutes, and give you a valuable answer you can apply in your future data work.


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