Reframing the Future: How can CIOs Leverage on Emerging Tech Strategically?

16th March 2022, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CET

Every successful CIO keeps an eye open for the new technology at all times, however, it can be quite difficult to evaluate and select which one of the emerging tech will be good for your business in particular. 

This episode will focus on some best practices, discussions and success stories that will cover in depth what is new and how can CIO’s make the most of it. Tune in to hear two experts talk about ways you can optimize the new technology on the market, innovate on it, and even tackle the difficult questions such as ethics and social impact.

Hosted by:

Matthew Richard
CIO at LIUNA, Capital CIO of the Year 2019 nominee

The AI Andy Fitze
100 Global Most Influential People in #AI, Top CIO of the Decade Award, Forbes Top 50 Digital Leaders DACH

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True Digital Transformation: How Will Hyperautomation Change the CIO perspective?
Matthew Richard, CIO at LIUNA, Capital CIO of the year 2019 nominee

During this interview, Matthew will share his first-hand experience with hyperautomation and answer the questions that are on many CIOs minds. This will be a unique chance for CIOs to evaluate if this tech is the possible solution for their problems, how to implement and optimize it, and is it really worth it?

  • Why is hyperautomation the next big thing and why now?
  • What is the ideal combination of automation technologies for optimal hyperautomation and why?
  • How do you scale the automation initiatives fully?
  • What are the industries that would benefit the most from hyperautomation and why?
  • How is the automation put into action?
  • Should the workforce fear hyperautomation or is it to their full benefit?
Questions Every CIO Should Ask About AI
The AI Andy Fitze, 100 global most influential people in #AI, Top CIO of the Decade Award, Forbes Top 50 Digital Leaders DACH

Although AI has been here for a long time now, we are still figuring out new ways we can use and benefit from it. Some CIOs have mastered it, some haven't even begin to implement it, but one thing is for sure: everyone wants to hear what are the new benefits they can reap from it:

  • What Problems Can AI Solve for CIOs: Determining the Current and Future Organizational Priorities
  • How Can AI Help IT to Improve Client/Customer Experiences and Engagement?
  • What are the Potential Pitfalls and Consequences for the CIO of Getting AI Wrong?
  • How Can CIO's Address Ethics and the Social Impact of AI?
Exclusive Q&A with The AI Andy Fitze
The AI Andy Fitze, 100 global most influential people in #AI, Top CIO of the Decade Award, Forbes Top 50 Digital Leaders DACH

During this exclusive Q&A open only for our community members, you'll get a chance to tune in live with Andy and address all questions and doubts you have regarding the future use of AI. Andy will be happy to answer as many as time allows it.


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