Cyber Resilience Across Supply Chain: 3rd Party Risk Management

26th April 2022, 1PM – 2:30PM CET

Securing the entire supply chain ecosystem and third-party suppliers is a regular challenge faced by CISOs – Next-gen supply chain attacks surged up to 430% in the past year.  To get a complete view of their business risk environment, CISOs need to focus their efforts on the entire cybersecurity supply chain, including customers, suppliers and business partners.

We’ll discuss best practices to create cyber-resilience across supply chains and managing third-party risk, managing the entire ecosystem and supply chain, the impact of supply chain hacks, the open-source supply chain threats, defending against malware inside trusted software and using third-party tools securely to analyze source code for vulnerabilities.

Hosted by:

Anwar Sulaiman
Data Protection Officer, Saab

Lukas Grimfors
CSO and Privacy Officer for Huawei Technologies

Ian Thornton-Trump
CISO, Cyjax – Former Global Security Strategist for SolarWinds (USA)

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Third Party Assessment - A Saab Journey
Anwar Sulaiman, Data Protection Officer, Saab

We have witnessed an increase in third party and supply chain attacks because of several reasons and one being the pandemic and the change in work environments etc. During this session we will unpack and look at how the defense and space giant Saab, does their third party assessment as they share this interesting process with the audience.
Trust: Starts with CISOs Managing Third Party Risks
Lukas Grimfors, CSO and Privacy Officer for Huawei Technologies

Many attacks come from outside the organization via suppliers, software and systems. As the need for third-party suppliers and service providers increase, so does the attack surface. Businesses are looking at CISOs to become the Chief Trust Officer by identifying third party risks earlier to avoid any attacks. The panel discussion will include a CISO and IT Risk Head who will dive deeper into:

  • Recognizing third-party risks and ideas to mitigate these risks
  • Understanding and developing resilience strategies
  • Managing data access across the supply chain to protect the data and identify vulnerabilities
  • Identifying fourth parties and how can these risks be tracked and managed successfully
Preventing and Preparing for Supply Chain Attacks Across the Enterprise: Are CISOs Prepared and Equipped?
Ian Thornton-Trump, CISO, Cyjax - Former Global Cyber Security Strategist for SolarWinds (USA)

Supply chain attacks are constantly on the rise and the security teams are not evolving fast enough to keep up. It has become vital for CISOs to implement transparency in the supply chain to monitor and manage the entire system securely/ Discover answers to questions like:

  • Is it time to rethink modelling and tactics?
  • What is next on the map for supply chain attacks?
  • How should CISOs and their teams approach this challenge?


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