Data is the New Oil: Fortify your Data Governance and Compliance

15th March 2022, 1PM – 2:30PM CET

CISOs are often limited by a lack of data, and on the other hand, by too much data.

In this episode, CISOs and data experts will address trust in terms of data governance protection and ethics. Attend and find out how to:


  • Fight against data breaches
  • Apply secure analytics to your data to gain valuable insights
  • Assess the bigger attack surface concern including the threats WFH devices are networks are bringing

Hosted by:

Kalin Cvetkov
Global DPO,

Wouter-Bas van der Vegt
Global DPO, Randstad

Martijn Nykerk
Global CISO, Randstad

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Save Millions by improving your cloud security, best practices explored
Kalin Cvetkov, Global DPO,

In the age of so many cyber-attacks, it is becoming almost impossible for organisations to provide protection as we have seen with the latest attacks. In this session we will look into best practices of data protection and learn more from an expert on how they have protected vital confidential data.
The Impact and Cost of Data Breaches: New Strategies and Approaches For CISOs to Fight the Attacks
Wouter-Bas van der Vegt, Global DPO, Randstad
Martijn Nykerk, Global CISO, Randstad

An IBM study showed that the loss of one million records costs $40 million on average which shows us that the the cost of cybersecurity—or, more precisely, a lack thereof—is high for large businesses. Knowing this, it is surprising that most companies still give employees access way more business files than needed and minimal number of companies protect their folders. In this panel discussion, CISOs and data security experts will look at:

  • Recent data breaches, their implications and how the risk of potential data breaches can be curbed before it is too late
  • Challenges faced by CyberSec teams and ways to overcome the challenges
  • How should we integrate data governance and compliance teams with the security teams at an earlier stage
Data Privacy and Security in the Age of Ransomware

Ransomware attacks keeps increasing amidst all the latest security software and strategies, averaging at a cost of more than $100,000 in 2019 per attack and is forecasted to exceed $20 billion by 2022. We'll address strategies to:

  • Best secure your data against ransomware attacks
  • Mitigate the risk of data loss when a ransomware attack occurs
  • Create the culture of data privacy and data protection to prevent these attacks on your organization's data
  • Recover data and re-build trust post attack


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