Fast & Furious Digital Transformation: Charting the Course for Sustainable Success vs. A Temporary Fix

15th February 2022, 2 PM – 3:30 PM CET

Reimagining business for the digital age is the number-one priority of many top executives today. By now, most organizations would have built a viable nerve center needed to coordinate the crisis response and business continuity plans.

Now it is time to reassess the digital strategy —those that provide near-term help to employees, customers, and the broad set of stakeholders to which businesses are increasingly responsible and those that position you for a aftermath world. Attend and gain insights on:

  • Reinventing your business model at its core
  • Taking an end-to-end view of your business and operating models
  • Making experimentation both a necessity and an expectation
  • Learning from failures and lead smart, effective digital transformation programs

Hosted by:

Scott Klosoky
Technology Speaker, Author, Consultant, Founder, Future Point of View

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Tech-Talk with Tech Guru Scott Klososky

We'll walk through on a true journey of digital transformation and its formidable impact for business. Scott will dive in the underlying reasons some changes would or would not stick: their cost-effectiveness, ability to meet customers’ needs, and advantages for organizations.

Is the pace of digital transformation important? How fast is the industry going? How fast are your competitors going? And because of the pace, what should you, as a leader, be doing about it?
Rapid Fire Q&A

Prior to this Rapid Fire, all attendees will have the opportunity to submit as many questions as possible to Scott and our moderator will put Scott on the spot for a lightning round of 15 questions. He only has 60-seconds to summarize and shed light on his answers for each question!
Exclusive Live Access to Thinkers' Hub
Limited to first 30 registrations only!

Seize the opportunity to take part in this Thinkers Hub, where you will have the opportunity to be in the same breakout room as Scott and your peers to have an active real-time sparring discussion and relevant insight sharing as a modern CxO leader.

Are you implementing the right business model? What is your vision of building a sustainable digital transformation model? Is your organization a front-runner or a follower?

You will identify underlying assumptions, and even challenge their essential validity. This will be an in-depth process and goes beyond ‘how’ to ‘why’ and beyond ‘what’ to ‘what if’.


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