Volatile Business Risks: Do you Have the Right Appetite?

23rd August 2022, 14:00 – 15:30 CEST

Same game, new rules. The world is moving quickly, with new threats on the horizon and regulations trying to catch up to the ever -changing business landscape. However, for every significant risk, there must be a proper response. The CxO is seeing a disruptive world where digitalization, product development and innovation are pushing new boundaries, just as cyber-attacks, supply chain disruptions and the unpredictability of the pandemic are making risk decisions harder. How should you as a CxO take your stance, when having to juggle between potential gain or loss?

In this episode we will dissect risk decision-making in this disruptive era and get down to the managerial level to make your organization flourish and not shrivel.

Hosted by:

Chuck Brooks
Thought Leader on Cyber Security, Emerging Tech and Risk

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Presentation by Thought Leader Chuck Brooks

At the centre of business decisions lies your risk appetite - the choice of accepting the risk, minimizing, or ignoring it. What do you need to know, as a CxO to make the right risk decisions in these volatile times? In this session Chuck Brooks will enlighten you on the key parts of Risk Decision-Making.
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