Interaction Through Digital Means: Coworker and Customer Connections

18 May 2022, 13:00 – 14:30 CET

The pandemic became a catalyst for increased adaptation of digital tools as companies looked for new and increased ways to work and interact without it being in person. Digitalization, hybrid working models and customer interaction through digital platforms – What is the optimal approach?

This episode will focus on approaches to the hybrid model, challenges of digitalization when you have legacy systems and how to improve customer interactions through digital tools. Take these 90 minutes to find inspiration on how to solve your challenges.

Hosted by:

Pino Roscigno
Commercial & Brand Director, Stadium

Göran Kördel
CIO, Boliden
Peter Ulwahn
Chief Digital Offier, TUI Musement

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Your Vocation, Your Location ⁠— The Future Workplace is Everywhere

Working from home was for some a response to the situation in the world while others saw it as an opportunity to build the workplace of the future. Taking the 'working from home' concept and developing the concept even further has made Spotify an inspiration. in this case study Mattias Stålhammar from Spotify will introduce you to the thought process behind 'working from everywhere.
Home and Back Again: The Hybrid Working Model
Mattias Stålhammar, Senior Director & Head of Global Workplace, Spotify
Göran Kördel, CIO, Boliden
Peter Ulwahn, Chief Digital Officer, Tui Musement

What started as an emergency response to ensure business could continue, quickly became the new normal. Working from home or at a distance has been proven to work and employees expect to continue doing so moving forward. However, such an approach is not without its faults and dealing with the hybrid work situation has turned into a new challenge with shifts in working morale, employee wellbeing and communication:

  • Why are we looking to continue working with a hybrid format?
  • What is the optimal number of days per week to work at distance?
  • How do we ensure that everyone can take equal space during hybrid meetings?
  • How can we check on the social wellbeing of our employees?
In the Zeroes and Ones: Connecting with Customers in the Digital Realm

Ensuring that your customers have positive interactions with your company and platforms is key in making them returning customers. With more and more interactions taking place through digital tools, methods of receiving direct feedback are changing and ensuring great customer interaction through these digital platforms is a challenge many are looking to solve:

  • Why are we looking for more interaction through digital platforms?
  • What type of interaction do we want to look for?
  • How do we avoid long phone queues if we offer no in person service?
  • Can we build deeper relations through digital means?


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