Adopting Sustainable Digital Innovations to Create Efficient and Affordable Care

8th November 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

The backbone of the healthcare system is to ensure the delivery of overall better care. As healthcare technologies become more innovative and more effective, they often become more expensive. Combine this with the effects of an aging population, increased demand for services, and the pressures on healthcare budgets are enormous. The overarching challenge for the healthcare sector is to try and achieve a balance between providing high-quality patient care and supporting improved outcomes while keeping the costs acceptable.

During this episode, Healthcare leaders can learn how other care organizations enable and adapt innovation while keeping the costs affordable.

Hosted by:

Henning Schneider
CIO, Asklepios

James Davis
Chief Innovation Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

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A CIOs Perspective - Enabling Digital Technology to make Healthcare more Efficient and Accessible
Henning Schneider, CIO, Asklepios

In the present time, technology and innovation are no more a ‘nice to have’ capital expenditure for a healthcare organization. Expanding digital capabilities and technology advancements in healthcare facilities have made cross-functional collaboration critical. The backbone of the healthcare system is to ensure the delivery of overall better care. Nowadays, most organizations face the issue that the demand for care is rising while also the costs are driving up

During this interview, Henning Schneider will share more about the healthcare systems in Germany and how Asklepios is enabling digital tools to make healthcare more efficient and accessible.

  • Digital majority: How digitally advanced is Germany compared to other European countries?
  • Healthcare system: How to identify further business needs, and further digitalization of healthcare?
  • Partnership: What are the challenges when it comes to collaboration and how to improve efficiency and accessibility?
Business Case
The Power of Co-Design – Adopting Digital Healthcare Innovations that are worth the Investment
James Davis, Chief Innovation Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

In a world where disruptive and exciting digital technologies are revolutionizing patient care, being innovative is not just desirable but necessary. To maintain care affordably, healthcare leaders constantly question if innovations are worth the investment. Leading from purpose helps NHS Trust to better understand the actual problem, generate more ideas and suggestions, and overall improve the quality and quantity of innovation within the care.

During this session, James will share insights on how NHS embraces co-design to thrive digital and sustainable innovation in healthcare.

  • Purpose Led Innovation - What should be considered when adopting new and innovative healthcare technologies?
  • Innovation Framework – How to scale and speed up innovation?
  • Innovation Culture – How to create a safe-to-fail environment?
  • Outcomes - How to monitor the effectiveness of technology and innovation?
Business Case
Duo Discussion
CFO Partnership - Balancing between Driving Innovation and Maintaining the Care Affordably
James Davis, Chief Innovation Officer, Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust
Henning Schneider, CIO, Asklepios

Healthcare leaders are investing more and more in emerging technologies, but they have to deal with the ongoing effort to provide affordable healthcare as well. During this duo discussion, James and Henning will share how they collaborate with their CFO to support improved business outcomes.
Duo Discussion


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