The Future of (Digital) Health - Enhancing the Patient Experience with Innovation

25th May 2022, 09:00 – 10:30 CET

As the world around us continues to change, the transformation of care is one of the biggest opportunities in healthcare. The empowered and powerful patient is on the rise, with changing demands and technology reshaping customer experiences. Interactions both in and out of hospital walls are driving patient perception of who offers the best care.

Amid uncertainty and change, the healthcare sector is looking for new ways to transform the experience of care. During this episode, we will explore how innovation can contribute to this.

Hosted by:

Jeff Chen
Chief Strategy Officer, WeDoctor Group
Nina Lahti
Head of Hospital Care Innovation and Business Development, Karolinska University Hospital
Bas Bodzinga
Director of Client Experience, Stichting Philadelphia

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Duo Discussion
Better and Meaningful Care - Using Innovation to Improve the Patient Experience
Nina Lahti, Head of Hospital Care Innovation and Business Development, Karolinska University Hospital
Bas Bodzinga, Director of Client Experience, Stichting Philadelphia

COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the already growing demand for innovation and patient experience in healthcare. It is driving the widespread adoption of new technologies that are quickly changing in several countries. To get people's experience right, organizations have to put them at the centre of it. Clinicians and healthcare professionals get to the heart of what is most important to patients and their families; creating a holistic plan with the help of innovation that assists them throughout their full experience.

The leading voices of this session will share their challenges and innovative opportunities to optimize the patient journey today and in the future.

  • Best Practices - What kind of innovation are they most proud of and how did this specifically improve the overall patient journey?
  • Adoption of Innovation - Which challenges are they facing and how to react?
  • Value of Care - How to develop innovations that have direct impact on the KPIs of a patient care flow?
  • Breaking down boundaries - How to speed up innovations that benefit patients?
  • End to end Patient Experience - How to lead and adapt to the future of care delivery?
Duo Discussion
Lessons and Learnings
How a Hospital without Walls helped to Improve the Patient Experience
Jeff Chen, Chief Strategy Officer, WeDoctor Group

Nowadays, patients want a more efficient way of seeing a doctor instead of waiting hours in line. For this reason, WeDoctor Group uses technology to improve healthcare, to make it more efficient and effective. How? By building a hospital without any walls. WeDoctor’s success can be attributed to how it addresses the traditional pain points related to healthcare: time, distance, and money. Its value also arises by helping doctors make earlier or more precise diagnoses, and by speeding up the overall experience.

  • Strategy and explanation | What is the impact on their operating model and what does their business model look like?
  • In what manner did their business model improve the patient journey?
  • What are the main challenges of a (digital) hospital and how do they overcome them?
  • Which techniques and tools contribute to a more personalized patient journey
Lessons and Learnings
Extended Q&A
An Internet-based Hospital: Ask Anything and everything!
Jeff Chen, Chief Strategy Officer, WeDoctor Group

As an extension of the keynote session of Jeff Chen, you will have the opportunity to ask all questions you have related to an 'Internet-based Hospital'.
Extended Q&A


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