Transforming Healthcare with Big Data and Smart Medical Devices

12th October 2022, 12:00 – 13:30 CEST

With an aging population, the demand for medical services is increasing year after year, leading to a serious shortage of healthcare staff. Digital Health is a big thing and promises to change how we deliver healthcare. A number of technologies are facilitating this push to digitally enabled care, including the advancement in wearables and IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advances in wireless communications. Those advanced technologies can enable healthcare leaders to identify potential use cases and make a meaningful impact within the care.

During this episode healthcare leaders will get more insights into emerging technologies such as (cloud, AI, and medical devices) that enable change.

Hosted by:

Greet Vink
Director Smart Health Tech Center, Erasmus MC
Bashir Agboola
Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery

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Smart Healthcare - Improving Health Services with Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Greet Vink, Director Smart Health Tech Center, Erasmus MC

The Smart Health Tech Center (SHTC) aims at the integration, development, testing and validation of technologies for health, such as advanced AI-based technologies (e.g. IoT, MedIoT, Active and Assisted Living Technologies), robotics technologies, sensor and monitoring technologies. They assist in providing physical and digital access to resources to Startups, SMEs, knowledge institutions enabling them to test, validate or experiment their products and services in clinical- and hospital- or patient-home settings. They offer support to research partners in finding the right setting and experts, clinical expertise, expertise in AI and robotics, data and training for health care in the Erasmus MC.

Furthermore, they assist staff to spearhead innovations and create an entrepreneurial and solution-oriented creative culture within the Erasmus MC. Through these services, they facilitate the rapid development, testing and implementation of new co-created ideas to reimagine health care and care delivery.

During this session, Greet Vink will share her experiences from the Smart Health Tech Center and will elaborate on promising smart innovations for the future.

  • What's SHTC take on the future of smart Healthcare and what are the biggest challenges and possibilities?
  • Which upcoming technologies could help solve labor shortages, and why?
  • How could healthcare leaders break down the silos and improve the collaboration?
Connected Care
Emerging Technologies that Enable Change
Bashir Agboola, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery

Digital transformation is changing the face of every industry, especially healthcare. Healthcare organizations face challenges due to staff shortages, and digitalization of care, such as cloud computing, AI, and wearables can help to offset these issues. As a result, the whole paradigm of care delivery is changing, and the changes will likely accelerate in the years ahead.

  • What technologies does HSS uses to digitalize healthcare and make care smarter and connected?
  • How to leverage emerging technologies (such as AI, wearables, and cloud computing) at scale?
  • How to ensure business continuity in an ecosystem of the different systems?
Connected Care
Rapid Fire Q&A
Bashir Agboola, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery
Greet Vink, Director Smart Health Tech Center, Erasmus MC

Our moderator will put Greet & Bashir on the spot for a lightning round of questions. They only have 60-seconds to summarize and shed light on their answers to each question!
Rapid Fire Q&A


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