People Analytics – Combining Data and AI to Improve Recruitment, Retention and to Drive Business Outcomes

20th September 2022, 13:00 – 14:30 CEST

The importance of people analytics continues to growth in size and importance. To be successful, HR leaders need to invest in technology and take the lead responsibility to create a data-driven culture. Data in HR will help determine whether a candidate is a good fit for an organization before hiring thereby improving the organization’s recruitment and retention process. Research has shown that leading companies invest more in people analytics, but how can this drive concrete business outcomes?

In this episode leading HR leaders will discuss trends and best practices in people analytics, and how new technologies enable HR teams to attract and retain talent during the Great Resignation.

Hosted by:

Stefanie Stanislawski
Tedx Speaker

Patrick Coolen
Global Head of People Analytics, ABN AMRO

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Keynote Presentation
People Analytics – Taking Recruitment and Retention Practices to a New Level
Stefanie Stanislawski, Tedx Speaker

Today's HR leaders are experiencing multiple challenges as it pertains to global recruitment and retention. These challenges include, finding and retaining people with the right skills and sourcing techniques. Now that companies are forced to adopt a hybrid work strategy and the competition is growing, companies are start the fact that "talent is their most important asset' Therefore, companies are figuring out how to access and keep the best employees by the use of analytics and AI.

During this session will Stefanie dive into the following topics:

  • Explore how the recruitment process is going to look like in the upcoming years
  • Discover how to measure and improve the employee's engagement by using algorithms
  • Learn how predictive analytics could prevent resignation and how it can help to find the best people
  • Find out how to keep your best individuals within your company with the use of analytics and technology
Keynote Presentation
Business Case
The Road to Valuable Employee Insights - Maximizing the Impact and Effectiveness of HR analytics to Drive Business Outcomes
Patrick Coolen, Global Head of People Analytics, ABN AMRO

People analytics is an increasingly essential HR strategy. Gathering, analyzing, and leveraging data from your company’s individuals will produce measurable outcomes, and with your data-based approach, you can make informed strategic choices to boost performance, improve employee engagement, and prevent attrition.

Patrick will share best practices and experiences in building a people analytics function:

  • How to start and which steps should organizations take to implement People Analytics?
  • How to give evidence-based advice on how to drive the business from a people perspective?
  • How can analytics help to address and predict areas of deficiencies?
  • Which project and products created value for their organization?
Business Case


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