The Future of the Digital Workplace - Embracing Digitalization and Automation to Boost the Employee Experience

29th November 2022, 12:00 – 13:30 CET

After months of forced participation in a comprehensive work-from-home environment, our expectations around work and the workplace have fundamentally changed accelerating a trend already evident over the past two decades. In a rapidly changing and globally competitive environment, organizations want to create a seamless employee journey and take fast action on the digital HR transformation with the help of tools and technology. Attention is now turning to the workplace of the future – what will individuals want and need from their place of work post-covid?

During this episode, HR leaders can learn how other companies approach the post-pandemic workplace and HR transformation in the digital age.

Hosted by:

Hernan Rein
Global CHRO, Royal Vopak

Anna Lundström
VP HR Freemium & GUs, Spotify

Olga Martens-Stuurman
Director Future of Work, HP

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Leaders Roundtable
Workplace 3.0: Shaping the Office and Culture in the Digital Age
Hernan Rein, Global CHRO, Royal Vopak
Anna Lundström, VP HR Freemium & GUs, Spotify
Olga Martens-Stuurman, Director Future of Work, HP

The office of the future will be shaped from the lessons learned today and with future disruptions in mind. Many individuals found increased flexibility and productivity by working remotely and don’t want to return to the office. While others realized they thrive with face-to-face collaboration in the office without the distractions they may encounter at home. Therefore, business leaders must think about the possibility of future pandemics when considering the office of the future. It’s clear, that technology will play a major role in what these spaces will offer, look like, and how they will operate.

The leading voices of this interactive discussion will discuss what the future of work would look like in the digital age.

  • Holistic approach - How has the concept of workplace ‘culture’ evolved during the pandemic?
  • Workplace Design - What is the purpose of the office in the (digital) future?
  • Organizational culture - How to remain your culture in a hybrid/remote environment?
  • Employee Experience – How can digital/tech help to address the different needs and preferences of your employees?
  • Technology - How will technology change the way we work and which technologies should HR leaders focus on?
Leaders Roundtable
Business Case

HR digital transformation is a hot topic for many organizations. For good reasons, since in a fast-changing competitive environment, it’s more evident and urgent to support employees on their career path with technology and services.

During this session, our speaker will share how HR digitalization is creating the framework for all digital HR matters:

  • Strategy and Framework: What is the overall vision and direction for the HR transformation of the future
  • Process: How to improve the employee journey with the help of service apps and process automation
  • KPI's and Metrics: How to measure digital success
Business Case


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