Setting up the Manufacturing Technologies of Today as the Tools we use Tomorrow

11th October 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CEST

Industry 4.0 is a concept all manufacturers are aware the impact that technological advances have had on manufacturers worldwide cannot be ignored. Whether it’s the addition of robotics to increase automation or the connecting of sensors that collect useful data for maintenance, the influence of these technologies is clear. With that in mind, the full potential these digital tools have yet to be uncovered.

During these 90 minutes we will dive deeper into two tools that show a lot of promises for manufacturers. We will learn more about the benefits of digital twin technology as well as dive deeper into the potential that computer vision offers in quality assurance.

Hosted by:

Dr. Hans Schepers
Science Lead Digital Horticulture, Bayer Crop Science
Antti Vuolli
Vice President, Digital at Stora Enso

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Digital Twin Enabled Control – Modelling the “Green Fingers and Eyes of Tomato Growers”
Dr. Hans Schepers, Science Lead Digital Horticulture, Bayer Crop Science

Digital twin technology covers wide areas of application and manufacturers have not shied away from testing its potential. However, for many, digital twin’s usage is still not obvious and where and how to best apply it in their manufacturing process is the question on their mind.

In this coupled case, Hans Schepers will share how Bayer Crop Science utilizes digital twin technology for optimal control in their tomato farms.
Intelligently Viewed ― Building Automation in Manufacturing Through Computer Vision
Antti Vuolli, Vice President, Digital at Stora Enso

Processes that were previously something that only humans could handle, are now moving more towards becoming automated and handled by computers. AI have become so good that with the help of deep learning and the use of image recognition, assembly, quality control and predictive maintenance can now be considered as almost fully automated processes. Computer vision, however, still an area that is relatively unexplored in comparison to other manufacturing tools as the technology is still maturing.

During this visualization insights our speaker will walk us through their successful use case implementation, their thought process and benefits as well as challenges seen.

  • What was the trigger that showed us we the technology is mature enough?
  • In which areas are we utilizing computer vision?
  • How did we handle challenges and what benefits have been seen so far?


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