Pursuing Sustainability: Retrofitting Retail for The Race to Net Zero

2nd November 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

Sustainability is one of the most important strategic challenges of our time, catalyzed by fundamental technological and societal change. As retailers, we understand that immediate action is required, and our responsibility is to work on strategies creating more sustainable ways and reducing the global footprint. Organizations are required to reframe the strategic perspective of responsibility and systematically operationalize it into tangible actions by focusing on sustainability.

Join this 90Minute Insight Episode to tackle the great challenges of sustainability and find new opportunities for organizational development. Learn more about how to incorporate environmentally friendly practices at the core of our organization and how we as retailers should balance customer expectations and sustainability.

Hosted by:

Stephanie van den Berg
Head of International Sales, Dopper, The Netherlands

Andreas Streubig
SVP Global Corporate Responsibility & Legal Affairs, Hugo Boss, Germany
Joanna Hummel
General Manager Northern Europe, Zalando, Sweden
Jori Ebskamp
CSR & Sustainability Lead, Bol.com, Netherlands

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Purposeful Retailing: Establishing a Green Mission with Responsibility at the Core of the Company
Stephanie van den Berg, Head of International Sales, Dopper, The Netherlands

Most of the large companies in the retail industry have a mission statement that help the entire organization strive toward an overarching business goal. That goal is generally connected to its people and financial performance. However, more organizations are starting to focus on purposeful retailing with the mission to make this world a better place. Despite the sustainability efforts implemented by most retailers, there is still a long way to go. What are retailers doing to ensure that their business is both sustainable and profitable?

In this case presentation, hear from Dopper, a B-corp who is 100% mission-driven, empowering people to choose reusable water bottles over single-use plastic ones. At Dopper purpose and profit go hand in hand. Sustainability is at the core and drives the way how marketing, sales, finance and supply chain activities are being shaped, mission first. Learn more about Dopper’s strategy, eliminating single-use water bottles, and how we as retailers can develop a mindset for a better world.
Mission Impossible: Finding Balance Between Customer Expectations of Sustainability and Fast Shopping
Andreas Streubig, SVP Global Corporate Responsibility & Legal Affairs, Hugo Boss, Germany
Joanna Hummel, General Manager Northern Europe, Zalando, Sweden
Jori Ebskamp, CSR & Sustainability Lead, Bol.com, Netherlands

Understanding customers and their expectations is never black and white. Sustainability, zero waste and circularity have become important for retailers as customers are more informed than ever, subsequently increasing the demand for transparency. On the other hand, retailers must meet other demands from customers such as ensuring affordable prices, fast deliveries, and free returns. The prevailing sentiment is that customers are willing to pay more for sustainable products and brands, but what are they willing to sacrifice?

Join our sustainability experts in this panel discussion to learn more about customer expectations in terms of sustainability, personalization, and service level, as well as communication strategies to create transparency.


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