Retail Strategies: Reorienting and Reboosting for Profitability

23 February 2022, 13:00 – 14:30 CET

Most retailers have opened their doors to the public and are finding the retail landscape has fluctuated dramatically. This episode will zoom in on the residual effects long after the pandemic recedes especially in terms of customer expectations and new roles of physical retail. To fuel retailers’ survivability and profitability, we will share how to incorporate customer data and advanced technologies into their long-term strategies.

Hosted by:

Piyush Chowhan
Group CIO, Lulu International UAE

Alex Genov
Head of Customer Experience Research, Zappos USA

Fabio Brunello
Senior Director Omnichannel Merchandise Planning, Northern Europe and Digital, Levi Strauss and Co. Belgium

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The Big Question: What Will the Future Retail Experience Look Like?
Piyush Chowhan, Group Chief Information Officer LuLu International, United Arab Emirates

Sustainability has become a key focus for retail industry executives. During this award-winning success story, we will feature a forward-thinking conversation with a thought leader on how retailers can survive in this new normal by reorienting around new consumer behaviors and trends that have emerged during the pandemic, many of which are here to stay and how to restrategize for long term profitability:

  • Which of the Covid changes are here to stay?
  • What are customers' expectations in terms of shopping experience?
  • Is online going to fall away as people go back to physical shopping?
  • Recovery vs long term plans
  • How can retailers regain control of the revenue through the facilitation of technologies?
Store of the Future: What is the New Brick-and-Mortar Model?
Fabio Brunello, Senior Director Omnichannel Merchandise Planning, Northern Europe and Digital Levi Strauss and Co., Belgium

As stores begin to open back up, what does the future hold for the brick-and-mortar store? We will take a fresh perspective on the evolving role of the physical store in the digital world, customer’s path to purchase and new ways to drive foot traffic to retail store:

  • Redefining the roles of physical store
  • How to design your "phygital" strategies?
  • New ways and in-store tech to increase footfall, better customer engagement and drive brand loyalty
  • What will be the expected service quality to boost customer experience
Using CX Data to Transform Retailers’ Personalization and Digital Journeys
Alex Genov Head of Customer Experience Research Zappos, USA

Many retailers have too much data but failed to capture the value and use it to their competitive advantage due to its extreme complexity. We will take a holistic approach and examine the role of customer data in supporting the customer journey:

  • How to leverage technology that centralizes data to identify patterns, issues and opportunities
  • How to manage customers' data and best utilize it?
  • How to strategically access customers' data and develop a 360° view of the customer?


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