Company Case Collection: Exploring Business Applications and Road Bumps in Cloud Computing

6th September 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CEST

Cloud can be a crucial element of an organization’s competitiveness, but the transition to cloud is full of challenges. Whether you are in the beginning of your journey, or if you are looking for insights to implement into your current strategy, we all can learn do’s and don’ts from each other. If you can move past the challenges, cloud can be the organizations most powerful tool to embrace change and there are many lucrative opportunities for development and efficiency.

Listen in to this 90-Minute Insight Episode to learn more about cloud cases from three different Swedish organizations where our expert speakers will share best practices and road bumps on their cloud journey. What challenges do other organizations face?

Hosted by:

Johan Westman
Enterprise Architect, SEB

Sami Breinholt
Head of Technology Services, Nordic Leisure Travel Group

Kristian Kullberg
Cloud Architect, Cloud Center of Excellence, Nordic Leisure Travel Group

Peter Nordström
Cloud Stategist, Skatteverket

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Managing Traditional Systems and Cloud Native in the IT Transformation
Johan Westman, Enterprise Architect, SEB

Most organizations have moved some services to the cloud, while others are building large-scale cloud environments. With a substantial shift towards cloud workload share, transformation of the IT operation is needed in a way where both traditional systems and cloud native are managed. However, it is not scalable, nor affordable to maintain two sets of people, processes, and technology at a larger scale.

As Enterprise Architect, Johan Westman knows SEB's cloud journey like the back of his hand. In this session you will be taken through the crucial steps your organization can take to put you on the path to successfully transform your IT operations. Learn more about approaching the competence acceleration, new teams and vulnerabilities when operating in the cloud.
Best of Both Worlds: Challenges and Solutions Going Hybrid
Sami Breinholt, Head of Technology Services, Nordic Leisure Travel Group
Kristian Kullberg, Cloud Architect, Cloud Center of Excellence, Nordic Leisure Travel Group

The journey to the hybrid cloud can be bumpy and highly complex with multiple vendors, disparate systems, and security concerns. Hybrid cloud is mainstream and has been adopted by many organizations, but for the outcome desired, each organization must balance a unique mix of tools.

In this session, Sami Breinholt and Kristian Kullberg will share their journey with Nordic Leisure Travel Group, building their hybrid cloud environment. Listen in to the do's and don'ts on the hybrid journey and learn about the role of the ITOps team in supporting the transformation.
Cloud vs. Compliance: The Route to Data and Software Sovereignty
Peter Nordström, Cloud Stategist, Skatteverket

The public cloud has become the main pillar of IT across many industries, but heavy regulated enterprises and the public sector have been more reluctant to explore cloud services. If you cannot share personal data, it is difficult to use cloud services the way they are intended and get the maximum value.

Join Peter Nordström in this session and learn more about how Skatteverket are working with Cloud Sovereignty being heavily regulated. Peter will share his outlook on risk and security connected to the cloud, as well as data sovereignty and residency.


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