I Am Who IAM – Fostering the Equilibrium of Identity & Intuition to Engage with the Future of Access Management

23rd November 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

Who are you, and what are you doing here? These are the be-all and end-all questions posed by any and every service you interact with on a daily basis. From making quick purchases at your corner store, to accessing sensitive information on your organizations network, and everything in-between, your identity needs to be verified in order to grant you proper access. For access to be granted to the right person, the authentication of their credentials must be verified through uncompromisable methods. Passwords are of a tough vintage, easy to crack but difficult to uproot as a concept. With the resurgence of MFA, and password-free authentication making the rounds, the question of where we are headed is raised. Perhaps the aforementioned be-all end-all needs to be replaced with an imperative command – prove definitively that you are who you claim.

This episode is a comprised of two areas – the basics and the future. Let us ease you into the subject by returning to the fundamentals of cyber hygiene, before reaching the presto; delving into the future of authentication.

Hosted by:

Heléna Malm
Head of Information Security Transformation, Swedbank

Andreas Bergqvist
Chief Security Officer, BankID

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Back to Basics – Underlining the Fundamentals of Cyber Hygiene on an Organizational Level to Ensure Secure Habits
Heléna Malm, Head of Information Security Transformation, Swedbank

These past few years have, more than ever, taught us to keep your hands clean, why not our cyber processes too? Staying secure in times of increased cyberattacks requires an organization-wide security mindset. Exciting solutions and strategies can only work at optimal levels if the biggest vulnerability is first addressed – the human firewall. No matter the hierarchy of their position, the people that comprise your organization need to have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of security, otherwise your strongest asset can become your weakest link.

Take part in this case study, wherein Heléna Malm, Head of Information Security Transformation of Swedbank, elaborates on how to drastically increase security measures through cyber hygiene. Going over the basics is fundamental, ensuring the integrity of your human firewall is crucial.
Break the Cycle – Deliberating on Password-free & MFA as New Standard Practices
Andreas Bergqvist, Chief Security Officer, BankID

The future of authentication is already here, we just need to comb through the foliage. We have been using variations of password-free alternatives as well as multi-factor authentication for decades. We have seen a broad use of software, hardware, and miscellaneous apps, designated specifically to identity authentication. In times when passwords are proving less-than ideal, the logical next step is to phase out that method and begin calculating the costs of the implementation of multi-factor, or password-free, and pitting these against the increased levels of security gained as a result.

Listen in as our expert, Andreas Bergqvist, Chief Security Officer of BankID, deliberates on the pros and cons, the alternatives, and the future of identity authentication. Let him have the conversation that many dare not have, so that you may prepare to have it yourself.


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