The True Cybersecurity Analyst – Wielding Cyber Analysis to Detect, Deflect & Deter Attacks

30th August 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CEST

The best defense is not a strong offense – the solution lies in combining the two. Stepping into the arena of modern cyber threats, security-minded analysis harnesses the combined powers of cybersecurity and data. When facing an unrelenting onslaught of cyberattacks, the opportunity for analysis rears its head. Familiarizing yourself with the enemies’ attack patterns, calculating which hits to brace for, and which to let through, can lend the luxury of preserved strength and the mitigation of any potentially critical damage to your organization.

Don your armor and arm yourself with cyber analysis as your sword and shield, in this episode, as you are provided with invaluable insights on the powerful, data-driven cybersecurity analyst. Jump right into the thick of the fight and emerge victorious, equipped with rigorously practiced fundamentals, along with cutting-edge strategies on how to prepare for the threats of tomorrow.

Hosted by:

Anders Jared
CISO, Systembolaget

Robert Mungenast
CISO, Electrolux

Jan Fecko
Group CISO, Ericsson

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Prove Your Mettle – Cementing Risk Analysis as the Cornerstone of Value-Driving Security
Anders Jared, CISO, Systembolaget

The adage of choosing your battles wisely can be applied in many a circumstance, ringing especially true when approaching risk analysis. Opting for an all-out response to every anomaly detected is a poor tactic, as it undeniably wastes your strength. It is pertinent to ascertain and communicate the risk of potential breaches, weighing these against confirmed attacks, to garner financial backing from the powers that be. While sometimes tedious, risk analysis is fundamental in illustrating the value of cybersecurity as a business imperative.

In this session, take part in a much-needed walkthrough of the ABCs of risk analysis, presented by Anders Jared, CISO of Systembolaget, underlining that, while arduous as a work process, ascertaining and presenting risk is a requirement when hoping to highlight cybersecurity as a business imperative. After the session you will be given the opportunity to rack their brain to fill in any of the gaps that may have been left.
Search & Destroy – Applying Threat Intelligence & Response Strategies to Know Your Enemy
Robert Mungenast, CISO, Electrolux

The modus operandi of cybercriminals has changed, moving from malware and viruses to supply chain attacks and ransomware. Understanding the variety of threats, how they manifest, and how to respond to them is key in survival, and while tools for detecting known attacks are valuable, deciding on the proper response, post-detection can make the biggest difference. Focus needs to lie on cause, extent and areas demanding repairs, after a breach has occurred.

Come along as Robert Mungenast, CISO of Electrolux, presents his case on the importance of proper threat intelligence, as well as the response thereof, and how this has proven immensely useful for their organization in terms of proactively discerning anomalies from threats.
Advanced Tactics – Deploying Data Modelling & AI-driven Security Monitoring as Supplementary Protection
Jan Fecko, Group CISO, Ericsson

When applying more advanced tactics, one needs to run before they can SOAR. An increasing number of fields are seeing more practical applications for Machine Learning, AI and Automation, and cybersecurity is no exception. For these to pack a punch, datasets, models, and algorithms are required, and a baseline needs to be established. Examining past performance will give you some headway, but predicting future results takes understanding how to build, as well as adjust models.

Listen closely as Jan Fecko, Group CISO of Ericsson, showcases tangible, practical use of bolstered security processes, using meticulous data modelling as a foundation, proving that some buzzwords have buzz for a reason.


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