The Walls Are Closing In – Running the Increasingly Perilous Gauntlet of Data Privacy Regulations

4th October 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CEST

Data is one of the most valuable assets on the planet, and with such vast amounts created for every second that passes, heavy legislation is frequently passed in order to protect its, and our privacy. This protection presents as a double-edged sword as the work of those who process, analyze, and interact with said data steadily grows more difficult to navigate as a direct consequence. Trying to remain in compliance with established regulations while dipping into a veritable ocean of data should not have to require a Zen-like state, begging the question – what do we do when the walls are closing in around us?

In this episode you will be given a map on how to best navigate the trials and tribulations of increasingly demanding privacy laws. Take part of the unique insights, provided by our experienced experts, on how they recommend you avoid the pitfalls, scale the walls, and jump the chasms, to maintain a steady workflow while safeguarding data the way it is meant to be protected.

Hosted by:

Robert Singh Sandhu
Informationssäkerhetschef, ICA Sverige

Anders Wallin
Group Compliance Manager, Stena

Fredrik Malmström
CISO, Handelsbanken

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Fleet of Foot – Capitalizing on Agility in Information Security to Thrive in Times of Complexity
Robert Singh Sandhu, Informationssäkerhetschef, ICA Sverige

In the past few years, most organizations have seen a necessary and dramatic shift in priorities. While uncertain, this period allowed for organizational practices to be put under scrutiny, in terms of innovation and experimentation, to establish new approaches, accommodating new obstacles. A strong example of this is ICA, whose journey with agile transformation saw an astonishing change in habits and methods.

In this session, Robert Singh Sandhu, CISO of ICA Sverige, will share how his organization has taken a more agile approach to information security, during times of isolation, and how this has made them more connected to their organizational context, making the work more impactful – and engaging.
Privacy Please – Comparing Notes on the Managing of Regulatory Compliance
Robert Singh Sandhu, Informationssäkerhetschef, ICA Sverige
Anders Wallin, Group Compliance Manager, Stena
Fredrik Malmström, CISO, Handelsbanken

The path upon which we can successfully traverse the regulatory frameworks on data privacy seems to narrow the further along you progress. With Swedish, European, and international privacy laws to take into consideration, the path grows narrower still. While all of this depends entirely on the scope of markets within which you are active, the solution lies in strategy and the sharing thereof. Some of you have succeeded where others have failed, it is time to show and tell.

Take part in this session as our panelists deliberate on the questions that keep many of you up at night. Your active markets will undeniably vary, so the perspectives on our panel need to follow suit. This session aims to open new pathways and opportunities as you are inspired by our expert panel.


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