Leveraging Digitalization to Reach Your Sustainability Agenda 2030

19th October 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CEST

Although the market for green technologies is in some ways relatively new, it has quickly become a top priority in many boardrooms due to the increasing awareness of climate change and the EU 2030 sustainability agenda. Cleantech and Climate Tech all gather terms for technology referring to sustainable technologies focused on creating products or services that are environmentally friendly. As well as improving operational performance while also reducing costs, energy consumption, waste, and negative effects on the environment. While most businesses share the common goal of preserving the environment and conserving our earth’s resources, reducing climate impact in one area will, in some cases, cause adverse impacts in another.

Join us for 90 minutes to learn more about what technologies we can utilize as the main weapon in the war against climate change and the what challenges this poses in our pursuit of a greener future.

Hosted by:

Antti Vuolli
Vice President Digital, Stora Enso
Smriti Mishra
Artificial Intelligence Expert
Johannes Boson
CEO, Telge Energi

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Turning Garbage into Gold: An Execution of the Next Gen of Sustainable Automation
Antti Vuolli, Vice President Digital, Stora Enso

Sustainable development – a term used all over the world, in thousands of boardrooms. Yet, the term Sustainable Development first appeared only fifty years ago in an official document signed in 1969. Today we have electric cars, green batteries powering our equipment and self-sustaining smart buildings that create their own energy. Without the development of innovative and green tech we would be standing defenseless against climate change. To achieve our goal of a Net-Zero Society we need creative and brave minds, ready to take charge and think outside the box.

Join our speaker Antti Vuolli from Stora Enso in this session to learn more about green automation and digitalization.

  • What can you as a digital leader do to take the lead on sustainable development in your organization?
  • How to be a frontrunner in environmentally friendly development?
  • What technologies, automations and innovations can we expect to see in the upcoming fifty years?
The Rocky Road to Net Zero: Overcoming the Challenges of Sustainable Digitalization
Antti Vuolli, Vice President Digital, Stora Enso
Smriti Mishra, Artificial Intelligence Expert
Johannes Boson, CEO, Telge Energi

The fact that companies can leverage digitalization to become more sustainable is not something new. It can be used to reduce energy emissions, transform CO2 into useable materials and even help transform the business environment for both employees and customers. On the other hand, the digitalization trend has shown to not always be the savior in the climate crisis but the villain in disguise. What happens when the side effect of innovation turns out to be unsustainable? Or when the ambition of a sustainability project comes with unimaginable obstacles?

In this panel, we will be joined by Antti Vuolli, Smriti Mishra and Johannes Boson, who have their own stories to tell when it comes to tackling the challenge of Greentech and sustainable digitalization. We will analyze the most common pitfalls together and hear how they successfully rose from the ashes and how you can do it too.


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