The Augmented Workforce: Taking Your Organization From Traditional To Transformative

13th September 2022, 13:00 – 14:30 CEST

The fast-moving tech landscape and acceleration of connectivity are affecting the nature of talent and the workforce. Roles are rapidly changing and being reinvented as the traditional workplace is evolving into a flexible and augmented workforce, with the use of smart tech like robots and artificial intelligence. Will the fast-paced development of intelligent technology replace human resources? If not, what impact will it have in complementing and augmenting human capabilities, and where do we draw the line between human and robot?

In this episode, we will discuss why the development of AI will fundamentally change how work gets done and who does it as well as what skillset will be crucial to go through with future transformations. How do we attract the right talent to your company?

Hosted by:

Edward Wagoner
CIO, Digital, JLL

Cecilia Videcél
CEO & Founder, Kura

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Tech and Talent: The Balancing Act of Humans & Co-bots
Edward Wagoner, CIO, Digital, JLL

As we are heading through 2022, the augmented workforce is becoming a reality and is no longer only a talk of tomorrow. Even with all the innovative technology out there, we can see that there is still no technological replacement for human creativity. However, even if we won't replace humans fully, the jobs we see in the market may not look the same in the future. What does this mean then for our organizations?

In this session we will hear Edward Wagoner's thoughts on reaching symbiosis between humans and co-bots.

  • How to revise what new talent is needed for your operation
  • Why the augmented workforce is not about replacing your current team but upskilling and reskilling it
  • What your responsibility as a digital leader is when transforming into a fully functioning augmented workforce
Incentivize Digital: How to Benefit and Keep Up in the Ever-Changing Healthcare Landscape?
Cecilia Videcél, CEO & Founder, Kura

Digitalization in the healthcare industry has often been met with skepticism and reluctance. There has been a fear from clinicians to lose control over the tools used to manage their patients and also distress about being more and more replaceable by automation. However, these past years of unprecedented challenges have forced many organizations into a new, flexible way of working. Healthcare workers and organizations were forced, more than anyone, to change rapidly and keep up with rules and restrictions.

In this session, Cecilia Videcél will dismantle the fears of digitalization and give you key insights to tackle the challenge of skeptics within the healthcare sector.

  • How to effectively communicate and incentivize digital transformation within primary care?
  • How can clinicians keep in control while using digital tools?
  • What are the benefits one could reap from an everchanging industry?
Future of Work: Innovative Leadership in the Rise of the Augmented Workforce
Edward Wagoner, CIO, Digital, JLL
Cecilia Videcél, CEO & Founder, Kura

The composition of the workforce is changing rapidly, and digital automation is transforming the nature of processes and workflows. In this transformation that is accelerating, we are posed with both challenges and opportunities where leaders have to reassess how to organize work, plan for future growth and create jobs.

Join our speakers Edward Wagoner and Cecilia Videcél in our Question Couch to learn more about the rise of the augmented workforce. Edward and Cecilia will together discuss their takes on the digital transformation and what challenges and opportunities they predict for the future of work.


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