Decentralized Approach to Becoming an Agile Business

28th September 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CEST

Everyone is talking about the possibilities of data. Whether it is about the opportunities it offers, or the challenges associated with collection and management, companies are looking to utilize data to improve business functions. While the ideas are often in place, the limitations of their current structure and governance prevents optimal application.

During these 90 minutes we will tackle some of the challenges associated with becoming a data driven organization such as the decentralized take on architecture and management known as data mesh as well as the challenges of data access.

Hosted by:

Vanessa Eriksson
SVP, Chief Digital Officer, Zenseact

Lotte Ansgaard Thomsen
Lead Data Architect in AI Solutions, Grundfos

Anna Everum
Head of Data & Analytics Transformation, H&M Group

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Taking the Passenger Seat of the Business - Driven by Data
Vanessa Eriksson, SVP, Chief Digital Officer, Zenseact
Lotte Ansgaard Thomsen, Lead Data Architect in AI Solutions, Grundfos
Anna Everum, Head of Data & Analytics Transformation, H&M Group

Data is an asset that offers close to endless opportunities for innovation and improvement of operational costs, and it should come as no surprise that companies are looking to find new areas of applying this asset. However, trying to utilize data without a clear idea of how it will benefit business operations leads to failed projects and money wasted.

In this session Vanessa Eriksson, Lotte Ansgaard and Anna Everum will shed some light on what it means to truly be a data driven organization.

  • Why do we want data to be a primary driver in business?
  • How do we define a "data driven organization"?
  • What are the key steps required in truly becoming driven by data?
Setting your Data Access Structure up for Success
Lotte Ansgaard Thomsen, Lead Data Architect in AI Solutions, Grundfos

To the modern organization, data is vital and is used in most, if not all business functions which means that access to necessary information is critical in ensuring smooth operations. As companies search for new ways to improve efficiency through innovation and cross-functional cooperation, organizations have come to the realization that their current data access structure is a limiting factor. In this session, our expert Lotte will share insights on how you can set up your data access structure for success.

  • The importance of access to data for flexibility
  • Ensure proper accessibility by setting up with cross-functional operations in mind
  • Utilizing newly set-up access to improve business efficiency
Data Mesh - Decentralizing the Data Architecture
Anna Everum, Head of Data & Analytics Transformation, H&M Group

While striving towards becoming a data driven organization many companies have found limitations with their current data platform architecture that prevents them from properly creating new business applications for their data. The hyper-specialized ownership of current models hampers access to data for cross-functional teams wanting to utilize it when they look to improve business operations. Data mesh is an agile, domain-based way of setting up data architecture that allows for cross-functional access and in this session Anna Everum from H&M will share their implementation journey.

  • Why do we utilize a data mesh?
  • How can we benefit from it?
  • What challenges were seen during implementation?


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