Fostering Digital Intelligence by Adopting and Adapting New Tools

1st November 2022, 08:30 – 10:00 CET

The interest in business related AI is higher than ever and companies are working tirelessly to find ways to implement it into their daily operations. However, difficulties in finding skilled employees to help the development as well as struggles in scaling AI to the point of seeing an ROI is holding companies back from further deployment. In this 90 Minutes Analytics Insights the topic of scalable AI will be covered together with insights into ethical and sustainable AI together with guidance on No/Low-code, platforms that allow for creating of new programs and AI without direct knowledge of coding.

Hosted by:

Ather Gattami
AI Expert & Founder, AI Podden

Theodor Andersson
Omvärldsbevakare, Digital utveckling, DIGG – Myndigheten för digital förvaltning

Ingo Paas
CIO, Green Cargo AB

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Setting the Foundation for Scalable AI
Ather Gattami, AI Expert & Founder, AI Podden

With the volume and value of data being seemingly unlimited, companies are looking to put it to use through the implementation of various AI projects. However, with the difficulty in building truly scalable and provenly effective AI, reaching true business efficiency may appear challenging, but it is not impossible. In this intelligence talk Ather Gattami will help you better understand how to successful implement AI in your organization.

  • Setting a clear goal for successful AI implementation
  • Ensuring the required data is available
  • Building AI for business scalability
Intelligently Compliant - the Sustainable Take on AI
Theodor Andersson, Omvärldsbevakare, Digital utveckling, DIGG – Myndigheten för digital förvaltning

With rapidly increasing usage of AI in the context of business and government, concerns about the ethical and sustainable aspects of AI have become a topic of discussion among experts. One of the worries is that unregulated AI can lead to misusage and breaches of personal information, and as such, the EU commission is working on a new AI directive that will set guidelines for ensuring sustainable and ethical usage. During this AI insights Theo Andersson from DIGG will share his knowledge on the current sustainability trends in AI.

  • Why is ethical AI important?
  • How can we create sustainable AI?
  • What is the purpose of regulating AI?
Low-Code – Strengthening Efficient Inhouse Software Creation
Ingo Paas, CIO, Green Cargo AB

The demand for rapid software development has increased to the point where companies are having difficulties effectively building scalable, agile and sustainable applications. As a result, they have started looking at new solutions such as low/no-code platforms to become more autonomous and to strengthen their abilities to accelerate digital development in the cloud. In this utilization guidance Ingo Paas, CIO Green Cargo will share with us how they effectively utilized a low-code platform to establish a highly effective software production.

  • Why did we consider a low-code platform in the cloud?
  • How do we utilize and scale development in low-code?
  • What was learned during the journey in terms of failure and success?


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