Re-shaping and Future-proofing Supply Chains: Future Lessons in Achieving Resilience amid Disruptions

22nd November 2022, 12:00 – 13:30 CET

The 2022 has been already difficult for all supply chain leaders, who now, more than ever, need to show resilience. But are they able to? What actions were taken, and what were the lessons learned from this year? Can we predict how to act and what to prepare for 2023? During this 90 minutes our expert speakers will share their success stories and lessons learned on 2022, and try to pin point the key areas SC leaders need to focus on in order to become resilient in 2023.

Hosted by:

Jesper Toubøl
VP of Operation, LEGO

Roland Chong
Senior Director of Global Supply Chain Processes & Trade Management, QIAGEN

Gabriel Mesas Patón
Director of General Operations, LG Electronics

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LEGO Explains | Dealing with Uncertainty and Ambiguity in the Supply Chain
Jesper Toubol, VP of Operation, LEGO

During this session our expert speaker will dive deeper into how LEGO dealt with the disruption that 2022 brought to the whole supply chain globally and will share best practices and future ideas.

  • What were the biggest challenges LEGO's supply chain faced in 2022?
  • Best practices of SC management at LEGO, and lessons learned
  • What will the future look like, and what should SC leaders focus on to prepare for upcoming disruptions?
QIAGEN's Global Harmonization of the Supply Chain Management Standards, Tools, and Processes
Roland Chong, Sr. Director of Global Supply Chain Processes & Trade Management, QIAGEN

Within this interview session, we will speak about the challenges QIAGEN's supply chain faced, and the tools in processes they had in place to prepare for the disruption. We'll also discuss on how to shape the global supply chain strategy and prepare for the next year.

  • What were the overall supply chain network compliance challenges faced in QIAGEN in 2022?
  • How to shape the global supply chain strategy of the future?
  • How can SC leaders drive LEAN initiatives to achieve global supply chain operational excellence and deal with disruption?
LG's Real Time Collaborative Supply Chain Fighting the Disruption with Adaptation to Changes
Gabriel Mesas Paton, Director of General Operations, LG Electronics

During this interview session, we will speak about the secrets of LG's agile and quick supply chain, how they build it and what challenges they were facing in 2022.

  • How is LG implementing FCR to provide instant and global visibility of their supply chain?
  • How can you improve agility by using a network of partners?
  • What is the secret behind the quick and agile LG supply chain, and would that model fit all?


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