A Fully Digitized, Visible Supply Chain: One step on the Journey to create On-Ramp to the Future

24th May 2022, 12:00 – 13:30 CET

Are you prepared for the next large-scale disruption? Better Supply Chain performance begins with end-to-end visibility and soon becomes the norm. Logistics takes a huge leap forward, and everyone reaps the rewards of more dynamic, responsive, and digitized networks. The days of moving products and services through linear supply chains (from raw materials to delivery) will quickly fade away to fully networked ecosystems of hundreds of suppliers, carriers and companies working toward a common goal. Organizations need to enhance digital technologies and real-time analytics to create full visibility over the chain.

Seize this opportunity and put yourself on track to becoming a supply chain leader of the future through meticulous discussions on creating successful digital supply chain strategies and technologies to ensure end to end visibility.

Hosted by:

Ivanka Janssen
CSCO – Royal Philips
Arni Hrannar Haraldsson
SVP Global Supply Chain – MS Pharma
Rob Scholte
CSCO – Lambweston Meijer

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A Critical Differentiator: Optimizing Supply & Demand by Adeptly Adopting AI and ML
Arni Hrannar Haraldsson - SVP Global Supply Chain - MS Pharma

AI and ML may seem somewhat difficult to grasp, subsequently making it difficult to identify any current areas of implementation in supply chains. However, it does not have to be this way, it is already successfully put into practice, from demand forecasting to master data management, the areas in which you can apply these tools are extensive.

During this keynote you will hear from MS Pharma, Arni Hrannar Haraldsson who has successfully implemented and thrived with AI and ML to create visibility and optimize demand and supply in a disrupted world. Learn more on:

  • How they successfully integrated AI and Automation in their practices
  • What value it brought for the organization in a volatile world
  • What some of the challenges are, they have faced in the implementation of AI and ML and how to overcome them
The Supply Chain Ultimate: Strategies on Enhancing Digital Tools to create Visibility and Optimize the Value Chain
Ivanka Jansen - CSCO - Royal Philips
Rob Scholte - CSCO - Lamb Weston - Meijer
Arni Hrannar Haraldsson - SVP Global Supply Chain - MS Pharma

Gathering and analyzing empirical data can help make all the difference, rendering the unpredictable at least a little bit predictable. Gaining transparency and visibility, then, holds the key to building resilience. Building resilience means creating full transparency chainwide, enhance real-time analytics, the benefits of doing so and some steps you can take to ensure competitiveness today and in the future.

Within this session you will get the opportunity to learn from supply chain leaders from different industries on why it is critical to digitally transform your end-to-end supply chain. Learn more on:

  • How Covid has impacted their supply chains and how they respond to changing demand to mitigate risks and loss prevention
  • What key enablers are to create end to end visibility to make better decisions and improve workflows
  • How they use digital tools to improve visibility and what the key results where
  • How they envision the future and long-term strategies


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