Critical Priorities: Shaping the Present, Futureproofing your Supply Chain by Prioritizing Resilience

29th March 2022, 13:00 – 14:30 CET

2021 has left your Supply Chain under pressure and in complete and utter chaos. Shipping costs and freight rates are soaring. Soaring freight rates, cargo container shortages, and port congestion have driven up shipping costs. Lead times have extended far out, they are unknown. Value chains have become substantially more challenging to manage. Longer and increasingly interlinked physical flows reflect the rising complexity of product portfolios. Market volatility, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has elevated the need for agility and flexibility. 

As a result, companies and stakeholders have become more focused on supply-chain resilience. Supply chains are managing a new pace of strategy development. Supply Chain leaders need the appropriate methodology to translate business objectives, customer needs, trends, and disruptions into a vision that is aligned to the corporate strategic direction.

Seize this opportunity to garner masterful insights and put yourself on track to becoming a supply chain leader of the future through meticulous discussions on the most successful resilience strategies and technologies there are.

Hosted by:

Harald Emberger
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Beiersdorf, Germany
Bodo Bokamper
Vice President Digitalization and Processes Global Procurement & Supply Chain, BMW Group, Germany

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Thrive in Altered Circumstances: Surviving VUCA situations as a Supply Chain Leader Now and in Future
Harald Emberger - Chief Supply Chain Officer - Beiersdorf

As the tectonic plates shift under your feet, an evaluation of your department’s resilience is forced upon you. Is it a matter of regressing to the old ways or is it time to completely re-evaluate even the most basic practices? Join this session and learn from the Chief Supply Chain Officer of Beiserdorf, on how they proved themselves resilient in a time of absolute global uncertainty.

  • Increasing the ability to absorb shocks: In what ways can we evolve our practices to accommodate what the future holds?
  • Reacting faster when new disruption occurs: What can we do effective immediately to recuperate?
  • Future Mindset: How do we traverse this upcoming unexplored frontier?
Risk Managing Supply Chains: Strategies on Creating Digital Supply Chain Resiliency in the New Reality
Bodo Bokamper - Vice President Digitalization and Processes Global Procurement & Supply Chain - BMW Group

Supply Chain Leaders are struggling to keep up with an unprecedented number of regional and global risks disrupting their supply chains. Shortages in raw materials and chips are now occurring. Prices are therefore rising sky-high; lead times have extended far out and customer demand is changing. They underline the need for companies to develop the expertise and systems needed to make their supply chain resilient. How are organizations facing these problems dealing with those challenges? What is their future outlook? Will those challenges remain in future?

During this Leaders Insight the Vice President Digitalization Supply Chain & Procurement at BMW will elaborate on how they leverage agility and resiliency to respond to these challenges by using digital technologies. Learn more on:

  • How they manage supply chain complexity and risk
  • What strategies they implemented to balance supply chain efficiency
  • The collaboration with IT to better understand demand signals to reduce risks and costs
  • Leveraging digital tools to increase flexibility and agility to protect near-term volatility
A Futureproof, Resilient Value Chain: Digitize, Re-design, Optimize
Harald Emberger - Chief Supply Chain Officer - Beiersdorf
Bodo Bokamper - Vice President Digitalization and Processes Global Procurement & Supply Chain - BMW Group

Different industries have responded to the resilience challenge in markedly different ways. Harald Emberger from Beiersdorf and Bodo Bokamper from BWM Group will discuss about the differences and similarities. What could completely different supply chains learn from each other? What is their future outlook? What does the future supply chain look like?


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