ME Executive Day
Join us as we celebrate live gathering for Aurora Live network members in Belgium this December!

Change is an inevitable circumstance – Therefore, it is important to create an agile business strategy with the correct business partners to make sure that the change doesn’t cause any unnecessary friction.  Echoing the theme of change, we’re building an agenda that will empower you with ideas, insights and inspirations.

07th December 2022


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What is ME Executive Day?

ME Executive Day was built on the idea of creating an extended face-to-face knowledge-sharing and networking experience.  Bringing more than 100 CxO’s from fortune 500 companies in Belgium, to discuss everything about: change management, the impact of change, change resources, continuity during change and minimizing the friction of change.

During this Peer-2-Peer session, we will take a closer look at the impact of change. Change is an inevitable circumstance that keeps challenging enterprises to stay competitive. As it is not only impacting CxO but also operational staff it is important to spend the appropriate time, money and thought into the process of change. By having a good change management strategy in place we can reap major benefits such as:

    • Understanding the impact of change on our business
    • Aligning costs and resources of change to support the change
    • Maintaining the continuity and productivity of the business
    • Minimizing the amount of friction and reducing the level of failure


The Difference between change management and change leadership | Becoming a champion in change
Sofie van Acker, CFO, Volvo Car Belgium

Many CxOs know for a fact that it is important to have a change strategy in place. Though the execution of a change strategy is not as easy as it seems! To keep a change strategy in place you need a good leader who embodies the strategy and knows how to execute it!

During this interview with Sofie van Acker the CFO Belgium of Volvo, we will talk about the differences between change management and change leadership and why it is so important to have a CxO at the steering wheel that knows how to manage change in terms of leadership and not as management. In this interview we will zoom in on the 3 C’s of creative leadership according to the Center of Creative Leadership:

    • How to communicate? Focus on the “why” not just the “what” of the change, to increase the buy-in of employees
    • How to collaborate? Break down silos, encourage boundary spanning, don’t tolerate competition
    • How to commit? Model persistence, adapt to challenges and stay positive and patient

The benefits of having a change strategy in place | Implementing Leadership effectiveness and Organization frameworks
Ilse Geukens, VP Finance, Siemens
Bram Vromans, CDO,IKEA
David Callebaut, CISO, Brussels Airlines

Managing successful organizational change can increase morale among workers and drive positive job enrichment. These factors can directly and positively affect productivity and quality of work. If not managed correctly change can cause friction. Friction is a bottleneck for many businesses for example, it causes a lot of wear & tear, inefficiency, energy loss, and lost resources to its business processes and employees.

During this panel, we will take a closer look at the strategy best practices during the change from a CxO’s perspective. As prevention is better than cure the panelist will share their experiences on the factors that cause friction within their organisation and function. We will talk about:

    • Minimizing friction with the help of leadership effectiveness
    • Creating an organizational adaptability framework to lower the impact of change
    • Managing an agile delivery which drives team dynamics an collaboration
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